Your pictures: Footwear

image source, Harleen M Gajria
image caption, Each week we publish a gallery of readers' pictures on a set theme. This week the theme is footwear and we begin with a photo taken at a wedding in Bangalore by Harleen M Gajria.
image source, Rhea Andrada
image caption, Rhea Andrada: "A woman sporting a classic retro look posed for some photos after arriving from her party. The classic look is still very influential in today's generation in China."
image source, Claudia Martens
image caption, Claudia Martens: "I like to recycle my old work boots by using them as flower pots."
image source, Gitte Morten
image caption, Gitte Morten: "Wellies drying after another trip out in the wet summer weather."
image source, Lauren Bulloch
image caption, Lauren Bulloch: "Never underestimate the power of a Texas girl in her cowboy boots."
image source, Helen Anthony
image caption, Helen Anthony: "The shoe tree is by the side of a skate park on the edge of Bushy Park in Teddington in Middlesex, England. This photograph was taken in January when the fruit can be seen at its best. The tree was pruned late winter but I noticed recently that there is more fruit forming among the leaves."
image source, Trevor Mooney
image caption, Trevor Mooney: " This is my almost-three-year-old son Tom, very proud of his welly boots in the west of Ireland. It was the first day of our holidays and it rained all day :(."
image source, Pantelis Palios
image caption, Pantelis Palios: "Look at all the strength and discomfort that goes in to looking graceful."
image source, Zoe Read
image caption, Zoe Read: "I walked my dog Tilly in wellies, she was not too pleased about being wet through and neither was I."
image source, Mary Chapman
image caption, Mary Chapman: "I took this unusual photograph in my front room with the sun streaming through the window behind me. I am retired and love taking photographs and always have my camera with me in my handbag whereever I go. I enjoy going in for photographic competitions also and always keep my fingers crossed."
image source, Holly Fischer
image caption, Holly Fischer: "A long-lost slipper becomes consumed by the gritty sand at Sandy Beach in Oahu, Hawaii. Washed away in the daylight and washed back ashore in the evening."
image source, Christina Tsoi
image caption, Christina Tsoi: "This picture was taken in Seoul, South Korea, during my first overseas trip wearing my favourite Oxford shoes. Would they give me confidence and make my dreams come true?"
image source, Jo Farrell
image caption, Jo Farrell: "An 89-year-old woman with bound feet in Yunnan Province, China."
image source, Bernard Gallagher
image caption, And finally a photo taken by Bernard Gallagher. Next week the theme is Greece and the deadline for your entries is 24 July. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link below this gallery.

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