Your pictures: Greece

image source, Laura Behrens Wu
image captionEach week we publish a gallery of readers' pictures on a set theme. This week the theme is Greece and we begin with a photo taken by Laura Behrens Wu who says: "I'm saying hi to my boyfriend with whom I spent a beautiful week on the island."
image source, Melissa Fleetwood
image captionMelissa Fleetwood: "Here's my favourite picture from my honeymoon in Greece. My husband and I were exploring the town of Fira, on Santorini, and this old boat was just propped on the roof of a building, overlooking the Aegean Sea. It was a good reminder that, like many cities that seem now to only exist for tourism's sake, this town used to be an ordinary place where people worked and lived. The sense of antiquity and living history is, of course, inescapable in beautiful Greece."
image source, Devlin Stalion
image captionDevlin Stalion: "Dog found a good place to watch the tourist without being kicked and walked on."
image source, Malcolm Chapman
image captionMalcolm Chapman: "A cocktail by the sea, Eressos on Lesvos. The island always feels like the real Greece - it has its own economy of olives and ouzo though tourists are always made to feel welcome."
image source, Jack Doikos
image captionJack Doikos: "The sun, the sea and the sand. A shadow - Alexandra - walks to the edge of the beach. Greece still remains a paradise."
image source, Pantelis Palios
image captionPantelis Palios: "A family that rides together eats flies together. I guess that it's mother and her two sons. I just don't know who is driving."
image source, Marianna Kontopodi
image captionMarianna Kontopodi: "Greetings from the wonderful waters of the Greek summer sea."
image source, Mark Dobson
image captionMark Dobson: "The traditional colours of a Greek town house."
image source, Daniela Pagliarello
image captionDaniela Pagliarello: "My Nonny's freshly trimmed artichokes, just waiting to be doused and cooked in our olive oil."
image source, Myeisha Benshemesh
image captionMyeisha Benshemesh: "Heading down the steep steps to get married, along the classical white-washed dwellings of Santorini, Greece."
image source, Susan Russo Gelbart
image captionSusan Russo Gelbart: "Octopus drying in the small village of Kolymbari, in Crete, waiting to be grilled."
image source, Iva Zimova
image captionIva Zimova: "Celebrating Greek independence day parade in Montreal."
image source, Robbie Robinson
image captionRobbie Robinson: "Early morning cafe, Loutro in southern Crete."
image source, Sheryl R Seligson
image captionAnd finally a photo taken by Sheryl R Seligson, of Santorini. Next week the theme is swifter and the deadline for your entries is 31 July. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link below this gallery.

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