Your pictures: Hidden

image copyrightNicola Coady
image captionEach week we publish a gallery of readers' pictures on a set theme. This week the theme is "hidden" and we begin with an image taken by Nicola Coady of her rescue dog Scruffy hiding on the sofa.
image copyrightMaddy Sims
image captionMaddy Sims: "My daughter hiding. I should probably mention that the bag was paper!"
image copyrightTacia Carlin
image captionTacia Carlin: "Little guys looking for shelter in hidden places."
image copyrightLev Tobias
image captionLev Tobias: "The trail ahead to Skiddaw in the Lake District is hidden by fog. As soon as we crossed over the first ridge, we were in the clouds and had to turn back as soon as we reached the summit because the visibility dropped to about 3ft [0.9m]."
image copyrightSophie Hale
image captionSophie Hale: "My son's head on a plate, or is it just an illusion?"
image copyrightCliff Simone Velasco
image captionCliff Simone Velasco: "When I read about the theme for this week, I instantly thought about this photo I took using my phone camera. The morning sunshine revealed a Butiki, or house gecko, hiding behind our kitchen curtain. I like how its webbed tip digits are outlined against the orange fabric."
image copyrightKristina DeYong
image captionKristina DeYong: "Wondering where her bone has disappeared to, my dog, Ginger, looks expectantly at my mother."
image copyrightNiomi Abeywardena
image captionNiomi Abeywardena: "The hidden checker-board pattern in this cake is only revealed when the first slice is cut."
image copyrightSampath Bogavilli
image captionSampath Bogavilli: "On a dazzling evening, I was walking around Glasgow taking some photographs and found this street under the central station, next to a hidden street door."
image copyrightNeil Petersen
image captionNeil Petersen: "A robin hiding in the trees in the village of Collier Street, in Kent, on the last day of September."
image copyrightdasa wharton
image captionDasa Wharton: "A photo of my daughter looking out of the window."
image copyrightLauren Brown
image captionAnd finally a photo by Lauren Brown. Next week the theme is "Kenya", and the deadline for your entries is 9 October. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link below this gallery.

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