Your pictures of 2012

image copyrightParul Saini
image captionEach week we publish a gallery of readers' pictures on a set theme. This week we look back at a selection of the best pictures from 2012, beginning with a photo taken by Parul Saini of a man riding a wave at Wild Wadi in Dubai.
image copyrightOther
image captionKenneth Marti: "My daughter posing as one of her heroes, Rosie the Riveter, shortly after a costume-theme piano recital a few months ago."
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image captionDouglas McIlwraith: "Every year, my father (who is 69 this year and pictured on the far left) and I head from the UK to Phoenix, Arizona, to skydive at one of the world's biggest drop zones. I took this photo with a helmet-mounted digital SLR as we exited a balloon over Arizona at 5,000 ft. My dad and I learnt to skydive together in the USA in 2006 as he was too old to take up the sport in the UK."
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image captionRon Gordon: "I took this shot of myself and my fiancee, during a sunny walk along Aberdeen beachfront at the weekend."
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image captionTara Moayed: "I took this photo during a recent (luxurious) camping trip to northern Botswana. One of the luxuries was our amazing cook who made top-grade meals for us, whose shadow you can see. My friend is standing next to him under the sunlight and smoke, watching the cooking process unfold."
image copyrightOther
image captionWill Clarkson: "A very frustrating day trying to photograph boxing brown hares. They had literally no interest in performing for my camera! This is the best I got, with one hare shadow boxing at the other. Next time..."
image copyrightOther
image captionGeoff Kay: "Croquet and cricket on a field beneath Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland."
image copyrightother
image captionIwona Rutyna: "When other means of transport cannot be reached, cycling proves useful in any season in the Netherlands."
image copyrightJack Henriques
image captionJack Henriques: "I took this photo at around 06:00 on a blustery day in September 2011. It is my uncle Nick sailing his boat off the coast of Vancouver. It wasn't an easy picture to take due to the movement of the boat and the lighting conditions."
image copyrightVirgo Block
image captionVirgo Block pictured three plastic pegs in red white and blue formation to be used for drying Olympic kits and towels.
image copyrightAbhiroop Ghosh Dastidar
image captionAbhiroop Ghosh Dastidar: "Yesterday and tomorrow captured in a frame in the Statesman Vintage Car Rally at Calcutta in India."
image copyrightother
image captionVidhyaa: "Camels in Trichur Zoo, Kerala, India. Animals should not kept inside the cage, they need freedom."
image copyrightHarleen M Gajria
image captionHarleen M Gajria photographed this scene at a wedding in Bangalore for our footwear theme.
image copyrightTiffany Clendenin
image captionTiffany Clendenin: "This is a photo of our big one-year-old orange boy. He sits on the bar stool every day, ready for breakfast."
image copyrightNicola Coady
image captionNicola Coady captured a picture of her rescue dog Scruffy hiding on the sofa.
image copyrightStuart Middleton
image captionStuart Middleton: "My students at Beihang University in Beijing taking part in the relay finals on sports day. The students in my department are all training to be pilots with China Southern Airways, and keeping in good physical shape is required to stay on the programme."
image copyrightHelen Wilton
image captionHelen Wilton: "Red, gold and blue. A member of the Hastings Borough Bonfire Society parading through Eastbourne carrying a flaming torch. In Sussex, there are over 35 bonfire societies in the county and each one has its own colours."
image copyrightStephen Wright
image captionThis picture was sent in by Stephen Wright for the theme wires. The next theme is Hope, and the deadline for your entries is 8 January. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link below this gallery.

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