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George HW Bush: Life in pictures

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image captionAs a bona fide war hero and son of a statesman, George HW Bush had impeccable credentials for a career in politics. He made his first foray into national politics in the 1960s, when he won a seat in the House of Representatives. His wife, Barbara, was rather more liberal than her husband in her own politics but campaigned hard for him.
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image captionHis rise was rapid and after serving in various diplomatic posts under President Richard Nixon, he was made director of the Central Intelligence Agency in 1976 by President Gerald Ford.
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image captionHe attempted to gain the Republican nomination for president in 1980, but was beaten by Ronald Reagan. He served as vice-president throughout the 1980s.
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image captionHis career as a political insider culminated in his victory in the 1988 presidential election, and it was Reagan who finally handed him the reins of power.
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image captionHis most notable successes during his time in office were in the field of foreign policy. Some analysts credit him with restoring international standing to the US and healing the wounds of the Vietnam War.
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image captionAs communism collapsed across Central and Eastern Europe, he oversaw warming relations with the Soviet Union and Mikhail Gorbachev. His predecessor, Ronald Reagan, had described Russia as "evil empire".
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image captionHis foreign policy was ultimately defined by the first Gulf War, which ended in a morale-boosting victory over Iraq.
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image captionBut his 1992 presidential campaign was derailed by his domestic policies, including a now-infamous U-turn on taxes. He eventually lost to Bill Clinton.
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image captionThe Bush political dynasty continued long after George HW Bush left office. His son, George W Bush, was elected president in 2000 and served two terms.
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image captionGeorge Bush Sr continued to play an active role in US public life, and was awarded the Medal of Freedom by President Barack Obama in 2011.
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image captionIn April 2018, former US First Lady Barbara Bush died at the age of 92. The couple had been married for more than 70 years.
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image captionThe 93-year-old former president fell ill the day after his wife's funeral in Houston, Texas, where he had posed for a picture with three former US Presidents and First Ladies - Laura Bush, George W Bush, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama. US First Lady Melania Trump was also in the picture, but US President Donald Trump decided against attending the invite-only service.

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