Your pictures: Early morning

image source, Phil White
image captionEach week we publish a gallery of readers' pictures on a set theme. This week, it is "early morning", and we begin with this image from Phil White taken on New Year's Day by the River Thames in London.
image source, Krishnendu Pramanik
image captionKrishnendu Pramanik: "I took this image from the bank of the Yamuna river, behind the incredible Taj Mahal, one morning during my recent visit to Agra."
image source, Dave Sutcliffe
image captionDave Sutcliffe: "A picture I took last week to try to portray an alarm, using a three-minute exposure and changing the focal length each minute. I appreciate 7am may not be early for some, but I am a student after all."
image source, Samantha Woodland
image captionSamantha Woodland: "Morning worship and prayer, gently warmed by the autumn morning sun."
image source, Kerry Stephen Taylor
image captionKerry Stephen Taylor: "It was 9am and these fisherman were slapping the water on Lake Inle in Burma with bamboo poles to stun fish, a time-honoured tradition in this region."
image source, sarit saliman
image captionSarit Saliman: "A spider on its web in the early morning. The best time to photograph macro is in the early morning hours of magic. Shooting with backlight highlights the contours."
image source, Daniel Furon
image captionDaniel Furon: "A tree sculpture and avenue shot 15 years ago in Black Rock Desert, Nevada. Early morning of the last day of the Burning Man event. The last film in the bag was tungsten."
image source, Elk Arne Clausen
image captionElk Arne Clausen: "A new leaf hit by a ray of morning light."
image source, Alf Hodges
image captionAlf Hodges: "An early morning walk to market with dust kicked up by cows."
image source, paul brennan
image captionPaul Brennan: "Awoken early by our daughter while visiting the Rocky Mountains."
image source, Marco Rodarte-Elias
image captionMarco Rodarte-Elias: "Waiting for the first bus on a very cold and foggy February morning."
image source, Neale James
image captionAnd finally... a photo by Neale James, entitled Swan Lake. The next theme is "intense" and the deadline for your entries is 9 April. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link below this gallery.

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