Your pictures: Urban life

Image source, Sandor de Jasay
Image caption, Each week we publish a gallery of readers' pictures on a set theme. This week it is "urban life" and we begin with this photograph by Sandor de Jasay of rush hour in Tokyo.
Image source, Maria Chebysheva
Image caption, Maria Chebysheva: "This is the photo of the house on the opposite side of the canal in Venice, Italy. These two cats stared at us suspiciously every time we had a breakfast, I guess they considered us some sausage market competitors. In any case, we were lucky to have water between our houses."
Image source, Miles Storey
Image caption, Miles Storey: "Walking around downtown Toronto at night, there are many boxes of light where people gather behind glass walls. This is the lobby of one of the Toronto-Dominion Centre towers."
Image source, Doris Enders
Image caption, Doris Enders: "To me urban life is pretty close together."
Image source, Andy Friend-Smith
Image caption, Andy Friend-Smith: "I took this shot from the London Eye then applied a 'tilt shift' effect to make it look like a toy-town."
Image source, Devlin Stalion
Image caption, Devlin Stalion: "During the Christmas Market in Birmingham I came across this really fun swing band. They were a really animated, lively bunch who clearly love to play music. I can still feel the atmosphere they created on the street."
Image source, Pete Edmunds
Image caption, Pete Edmunds: "An old man dressed in white seems to echo the white 'walk' sign with his body shape as he steps out into the street in Chinatown, Los Angeles."
Image source, Edin Tuzlak
Image caption, Edin Tuzlak: "Breakdancers are seen in centre of Sarajevo."
Image source, Judith Ewing
Image caption, Judith Ewing: "This photo was taken on the Millennium Bridge in London in June 2013. I was trying to take a photo of the pigeon standing on the bridge when my boyfriend tried to shoo it away. Luckily this resulted in an arguably more interesting shot."
Image source, Christine Hall
Image caption, Christine Hall: "One of the street's resident foxes in Bristol."
Image source, Hiral Patel
Image caption, Hiral Patel: "Urban life in most developed economies now constitutes public transport in the form of underground trains. They are remarkably similar everywhere."
Image source, Kevin Horsewood
Image caption, And finally... a photograph of people on the banks of the River Seine in Paris by Kevin Horsewood. The next theme is "rural life" and the deadline for your entries is 30 July. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link below this gallery.

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