Your pictures: Holidays

image source, sandeep kumar chulupunur
image captionFollowing a short summer break we are back with our weekly gallery of readers' pictures on a set theme. This week it is holidays and we begin with this photograph by Sandeep Kumar Chulupunur.
image source, Maurice Schutgens
image captionMaurice Schutgens was camping in the Namib Desert when he took this picture: "We awoke among the dunes and headed up the biggest we could find to admire the vast desert from above. My girlfriend went ahead, stepping on the virgin sands that may never have seen a human before. Special."
image source, miles coleman
image captionMiles Coleman: "A donkey-powered bar in Canoa Quebrada in the state of Ceara, northern Brazil. The owner would take orders from people on the beach, go back to his stall to make them, only to find that his donkey had wandered off, carrying 20 litres of Caipirinhas behind him."
image source, Margaret Metcalfe
image captionMargaret Metcalfe: "For most of the year we live in Mexico City, an immense chaotic city with 24 million inhabitants, so returning to our small village in Spain for a few weeks in the summer means I can get on my bicycle and enjoy the wide open countryside and blue skies again."
image source, Brendan Conway
image captionBrendan Conway: "Santorini in Greece is one of the most photogenic tourist destinations in the world, but this graffiti had a point. Maybe we should put our cameras down a bit more?"
image source, Charlotte Brown
image captionCharlotte Brown: "The beautiful sunflowers of south-west France smiling in the August sunshine."
image source, James Hook
image captionJames Hook: "One of the things other than the light that made me take this image is the framing of one of the most recognisable buildings in the world in one frame, and an anonymous couple in the other."
image source, John Fotherby
image captionJohn Fotherby: "This was taken in Madeira on a hot day in June and was a perfect way to cool off by standing under the breaking Atlantic surf."
image source, Sarah Barnard
image captionSarah Barnard: "My brother Richard throwing three bags of colour at the Holi Festival of Colours, held in the UK for the first time, at Battersea Power Station in London."
image source, Barry Cook
image captionBarry Cook sent in pictures of two different users of the swimming pool at his holiday villa in France. This one and...
image source, Barry Cook
image captionThis one, of a very different user of the villa's facilities.
image source, Vandna Gogia
image captionVandna Gogia: "My little sister, who sees holidays as a chance to catch up on lost sleep from her otherwise hectic student life, is snoozing away. I tried to wake her up to go and see the beautiful city of London instead, but in vain."
image source, Marie Renwick
image captionMarie Renwick: "Amy Renwick drying off her boots after climbing Beinn na Eoin near Achiltibuie."
image source, Adam Taylor
image captionAdam Taylor: "Tourists and a local enjoying the sun in Tulum, Mexico."
image source, Jacqui Brown
image captionJacqui Brown: "Here is a photo of my twin girls taken in January 2011, Brisbane, Australia. We are just about to leave for the airport, to go on a two-year holiday to the UK."
image source, Mark Rogers
image captionMark Rogers: "They say a picture tells a thousand words and I think this shot fits that bill. On holiday this year in Shreveport, Louisiana, after numerous attempts my son Jack succeeds in getting up on water skis to the delight of his mum in the background."
image source, Jason Longhurst
image captionAnd finally, a photograph of The Needles and the Old Battery on the Isle of Wight by Jason Longhurst. The next theme is "frames" and the deadline for your entries is 10 September. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link below this gallery.

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