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Your week in pictures

image captionOn Sunday all 30 people on board were rescued when an amphibious tourist vessel caught fire on the River Thames. Phil Beasley-Harling took this photo as firefighters tackled the blaze.
image captionThursday saw the opening of King's Cross Square in London, England. The square reveals the original facade of King's Cross station for the first time in 150 years. Photo: Dave Kelly.
image captionOn Wednesday, passengers at Heathrow Airport’s Terminal five faced delays due to a breakdown of the baggage system. Simon Frusher sent us this photo.
image captionDanny Fernandez sent us his picture of the Correfoc in Barcelona, Spain this week. The 'Fire Run' is a traditional part of the La Mercè festival in which devils and dragons chase the public through the streets with fireworks.
image captionBarcelona La Mercè lasts for around five days and is a festival held in honour of Mare de Deu de la Merce, the Patron Saint of Barcelona. Photo: Danny Fernandez
image captionPeyman Yazdani sent us this picture, telling us that a group was organised through social networks to welcome the Iranian president back to Mehrabad airport in Tehran, Iran, after his trip to the UN forum in New York. Protesters were also present, blocking the way for the president’s car.
image captionHamed sent us his picture showing President Rouhani supporters, including children, who lined the road with flags at Mehrabad airport in Tehran, Iran.
image captionJoann Randles happened to be passing St David's Hall, Cardiff, when she spotted Prince Charles arriving for the 10th annual Police Memorial Service. About 1,500 people attended Sunday's event, which honoured officers including Nicola Hughes and Fiona Bone, who were killed in Greater Manchester last year.
image captionMike Beattie sent us this photo of him in the Big Brother diary room chair. Fans of the reality TV show saw the house in Hertfordshire from the inside for the first time, as part of the National Trust London Project, which aims to attract a younger audience to their heritage sites.
image captionAndrew Lim caught this unusual sight on London Bridge - the Lord Mayor of the City of London exercised his ancient right to herd sheep over the bridge without being charged a toll. You can send your photos to For terms and conditions, see