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Your pictures: Lines

image copyright Olivia Smith
image captionEach week we publish a gallery of readers' pictures on a set theme. This week it is "lines" and we begin with this photograph taken at the Pompidou Centre in Paris by Olivia Smith.
image copyrightMargaret Metcalfe
image captionMargaret Metcalfe: "Brightly coloured lines on blankets in Mexico City."
image copyrightAlan Thomas
image captionAlan Thomas: "Here's a couple of photos (in one) which I took for a cover design project when I was at college studying graphic design. This is one of my tutors who stood in as a shadowy character the cover required."
image copyrightRuth Williams
image captionRuth Williams: "Is it working yet? I keep trying to get chosen for Your pictures, but I've taken nothing good enough yet."
image copyrightTerry Richter
image captionTerry Richter: "The lines of two crossing contrails converging with that of a lamp-post with a visitor."
image copyrightLucy Spiers
image captionLucy Spiers: "This is a reflection of birch trees, on a pond in Esher. I noticed the setting sun was making a lovely glowing reflection on the water and loved the long straight lines of the trunks. I inverted the image so as to make it look like an abstract of the trees rather than an upside-down reflection."
image copyrightLee Webb
image captionLee Webb: "Lines and lines of the Terracotta Army pose eternally for pictures in Xian, China."
image copyrightDavid Hartley
image captionDavid Hartley: "Taken at Blackpool zoo at a small side-show - telling and showing how rats populated the world using ships as transport."
image copyrightBrian Botts
image captionBrian Botts: "Walking around a museum, I captured these staircase lines."
image copyrightEla Fraczkowska
image captionEla Fraczkowska: "I'm crazy about lines and always try to make them lead your eye, Penarth, south Wales."
image copyrightRonan Haughton
image captionRonan Haughton: "I took this in Granary Square, King's Cross. It shows the huge building that is under way in the area, the cranes and the train stations. It shows a new road by the square too. An ambulance helicopter was taking off when I took this shot."
image copyrightDavid J Dalley
image captionDavid J Dalley: "Hanging by a thread. Photo taken in woodland on Stedham Common near Midhurst, West Sussex."
image copyrightAlex Inman
image captionAlex Inman: "A waterfall sculpture I saw in the Dubai Mall in high contrast, with figures synchronizing their diving."
image copyrightEmma Marshall
image captionEmma Marshall: "The reflection of the airport in the floor at Bodrum airport Turkey. On our way home from holiday."
image copyrightCheryl Easton
image captionCheryl Easton: "One of the rides at Dumfries Rood Fair creating curved lines."
image copyrightNeale Willis
image captionNeale Willis: "A inexplicable collision of yellows and blacks come together on a pavement outside a pub in Soho, London."
image copyrightPete Edmunds
image captionPete Edmunds: "A patchwork quilt of land and water on the flight path to Las Vegas."
image copyrightHarleen
image captionAnd finally, a photograph by Harleen taken from a moving bus while visiting Barcelona. The next theme is "shoes" and the deadline for your entries is 15 October. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link below this gallery.

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