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Your pictures: Resting

image copyrightEla Fraczkowska
image captionEach week we publish a gallery of readers' pictures on a set theme. This week it is "resting" and we begin with this photograph taken by Ela Fraczkowska.
image copyrightPaul McDowall
image captionPaul McDowall: "I took this photo in Arran, where the seals were all resting on the rocks, and this one turned round and virtually smiled at me."
image copyrightJames Hook
image captionJames Hook: "The city that never sleeps, New York City 2nd Avenue subway station."
image copyrightAlice Dowling
image captionAlice Dowling: "After a long day trekking around the art museum. My dad (on the far right) is a sports massage therapist and has stretched like this in public for as long as I can remember."
image copyrightTheresa Hughes
image captionTheresa Hughes: "This is 16-year-old Kippen resting in the heather near Dunkeld, Perthshire."
image copyrightMichael Kiely
image captionMichael Kiely: "While on holiday in Brittany we saw this in the forest at Huelgoat, Le Champignon, or The Mushroom, is a large rock resting on a smaller one."
image copyrightMarcin Bieszczanin
image captionMarcin Bieszczanin: "I took this photograph on the deck of a roofed wooden bridge in the Japanese Garden in Wroclaw, Poland."
image copyrightAmal Rajakaruna
image captionAmal Rajakaruna: "A quick snap taken with my GoPro showing my crewmates having a rest onboard our over-landing truck whilst on a 20-day tour from Cape Town to Victoria Falls, which included many very early starts."
image copyright Jonderson
image captionJon Anderson: "Got this shot of a Costa Rican flamingo first thing in the morning, just as they were waking."
image copyrightJohn Wlasiuk
image captionJohn Wlasiuk: "Summer holidays are made for lazy afternoons. After an exhausting day on the beach, my daughter relaxes. On holiday in Malaysia."
image copyrightLouise LUO
image captionLouise Luo: "Myself resting in travertine hot springs at Pamukkale to enjoy sunshine and wonderful holiday in Turkey."
image copyrightJeremy Peeters
image captionJeremy Peeters: "On a trip to Ghangzou, China, earlier this year, I happened to walk past this guy on his morning break."
image copyrightAricka Seales
image captionAricka Seales: "Taken in the fallen foliage at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts."
image copyrightRebecca Steel-Jasinska
image captionRebecca Steel-Jasinska: "My daughter when she was about three weeks old, having a post-milk rest. Milk is such a knockout drug for newborns."
image copyrightJohn Miller
image captionJohn Miller: "Taken on safari in Samburu National Park in Kenya, this leopard was 'spotted' resting quietly in a shady tree, apparently unconcerned by four people in a Land Rover."
image copyrightTony Evanson
image captionTony Evanson: "Here's my daughter Charlotte's teddy, Lewis the puppy, having a well earned rest on the way up Place Fell, above Ullswater in the Lake District.
image copyrightUmar Nawaz
image captionUmar Nawaz: "Myself in four forms."
image copyrightAJ Pretorius
image captionAnd finally, a photograph by AJ Pretorius of a man resting on a beach in northern France. The next theme is "fireworks" and the deadline for your entries is 6 November. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link below this gallery.

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