Your pictures: India

image source, Siddhartha Mukherjee
image caption, Each week we publish a gallery of readers' pictures on a set theme. This week it is India and we begin with this photograph taken in Lucknow by Siddhartha Mukherjee.
image source, Pete Edmunds
image caption, Pete Edmunds: "On Benaulim beach, Goa, the fishermen come ashore and spread their nets out on the sand to dry. Late one afternoon I was lucky enough to catch this moment against a stunning sunset."
image source, Jenny Pallett
image caption, Jenny Pallett: "A man fishing for river mussels in Kerala."
image source, Ingrid Rois
image caption, Ingrid Rois: " One of the things that struck me the most about India were the vivid colours - in particular, the beautiful garments worn by the women, as in this photograph. These women were watching over their children playing in an abandoned temple in Rajasthan."
image source, Anna Grayson
image caption, Anna Grayson: "I woke up one morning in Shimla to find heavy snow had fallen overnight and heavy pewter clouds hung over the hills. It was not what I expected as an enduring memory of my trip to India. I took this on my old Canon Ixus - nothing fancy."
image source, Hetali Lodaya
image caption, Hetali Lodaya: "I got to spend time in Ahmedabad with my mother's two best friends from school - they hadn't all been together in close to 30 years. The beauty of the city was exponentially enhanced when their memories were layered on top of it."
image source, Anuj Arora
image caption, Anuj Arora: "Locals of some parts of Goa breed bulls for bullfighting and these bulls often stray on to the beaches where tourists are sunbathing. Here a tourist is seen cajoling a calf on Palolem Beach, Goa."
image source, Dorcas Johnson
image caption, Dorcas Johnson "Resting on the steps of a haveli in Jaisalmer."
image source, Elaine Barber
image caption, Elaine Barber: "Looking away from the Taj Mahal, peaceful beauty."
image source, Sriharsha Ganjam
image caption, Sriharsha Ganjam: "This is a composite image of Geminids Meteor shower, shot from one of the most iconic forts in India, Rajgad built by Shivaji. I felt including an antiquated cultural symbol in an image like this would bring in a sense of timelessness to the image showing the passage of time on these grand old symbols of our civilisation."
image source, Geoff Bailey
image caption, Geoff Bailey: "Three workers restoring a part of the Taj Mahal."
image source, Sherri Gault
image caption, Sherri Gault: "A 300-year-old historical site, Jantar Mantar, in the centre of Dehli becomes like many Mughal remnants, a playground."
image source, Chicky Rencil
image caption, Chicky Rencil: "These boys had waded across the river to reach a little grass island. Drumming is a common hobby here and they were practising in the relative seclusion. The reality is that such grassy space is almost impossible to find in Chennai and the island is situated immediately below a motorway overpass from where I took the picture."
image source, Helen Taylor
image caption, Helen Taylor: "The tractor on the bridge was taken in Karnataka."
image source, Manisha Malhotra
image caption, Manisha Malhotra: "Aroma of Indian kitchens - spices!"
image source, Adam Rose
image caption, Adam Rose: "A woman dressed in traditional garb returns home from the street market with a basket of melons in Pushkar, India."
image source, Dipin Augustine
image caption, And finally, a photograph from Dipin Augustine. The next theme is "aroma" and the deadline for your entries is 11 February. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link below this gallery.

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