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In pictures: Ukraine on alert amid Russia intervention

Tensions have once again risen in Ukraine after defence sources in the country said Russia's military had given Ukrainian forces in Crimea a deadline to surrender - or else face attack.

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Image caption The threat came as Russian troops surrounded key Ukrainian installations. This pro-Russian soldier is seen blocking a Ukrainian naval base in the village of Novoozerne in western Crimea.
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Image caption Russian naval officials have reportedly denied an ultimatum was given. Moscow has said its troops are needed in Crimea to protect civilians, many of whom are Russian speakers and have welcomed Russia's intervention. These demonstrators took to the streets of Sevastopol in a show of support for Russia.
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Image caption The families of Ukrainian service personnel gathered around a base near Belbek as the country put its forces on full combat alert.
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Image caption Meanwhile, pro-Russian demonstrators occupied the regional government building in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine. Here, a woman looks through a damaged door as a rally continues outside.
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Image caption This pro-Russian activist waved a chain in the air after protesters failed to storm a regional state administration building in the southern city of Odessa.
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Image caption On Kiev's Independence Square, where protesters have been camped out for months, people denounced Russia's actions and said they would be willing to fight for Ukraine. This woman was cooking food for activists whose rallies led to the removal of former President Viktor Yanukovych in February.
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Image caption Demonstrators gathered outside the European Union Council building in Brussels as EU foreign ministers held an emergency session. The ministers condemned Russia's actions in Ukraine and demanded its troops return to their bases. Both the EU and US are threatening to hit Moscow with sanctions and travel bans.