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Your pictures: Delicate

image copyrightAlex Robinson
image captionEach week, we publish a gallery of readers' pictures on a set theme. This week it is "delicate", and we begin with this photograph by Alex Robinson of old roses.
image copyrightMike Robinson
image captionMike Robinson: "The autumnal remnants of a Chinese lantern, after an early frost had thawed to leave diamond highlights on the delicate vein structure."
image copyrightEla Fraczkowska
image captionEla Fraczkowska describes this as "the ladybird that my two-year-old niece almost killed when she wanted to 'hug' it".
image copyrightMichael Ayling
image captionBaltic ice in Helsinki, taken by Michael Ayling. "Hard enough to drive a car on, until the wind and waves change direction, fragmenting it like a broken mirror."
image copyrightMadhu Jagdhish
image captionMadhu Jagdhish: "Vivid colours and intricate craftsmanship in the sculptures in the Rajagopuram compelled me to take this shot at Sarangapani Temple, India."
image copyrightRebecca Williams
image caption"A delicate balance," Rebecca Williams says of her photograph from the Siam Skytrain station in Bangkok, as workers balance on scaffolding at a skyscraper.
image copyrightIain Jones
image captionA broken (Love) Heart? Iain Jones took this in Acton, west London. "I just saw it on the pavement," he tells us.
image copyrightRoberta Cucchiaro
image captionRoberta Cucchiaro says this shows "the delicate life of a lotus flower, a beauty blossoming among the mediocrity". The photo was taken at the Lianhuachi Park - the Lotus Pond Park - in Beijing, known "for its breathtaking views of blossoming lotus flowers".
image copyrightMegan Hader
image captionMegan Hader: "Our local zoo has an amazing jellyfish exhibit and I loved this one as it floated along. I just happened to catch it as it fully opened."
image copyrightGosia Sousa
image caption"This tiny creature was trying to climb my hand on a beach in Mauritius," Gosia Sousa tells us. "It was so sweet and its shell was very delicate."
image copyrightSusan Russo Gelbart
image captionSusan Russo Gelbart took this photograph of "a tree on the island of Crete that seems to be full of fibre-optic flowers".
image copyrightClaire Stacey
image captionAnd finally, a photograph by Claire Stacey. The next theme is "photographers" and the deadline for your entries is 18 March. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link below this gallery.

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