Your pictures: On the road

image source, Tim Barnsley
image captionEach week, we publish a gallery of readers' pictures on a set theme. This week it is "on the road", and we begin with this picture by Tim Barnsley of Hue, Vietnam.
image source, David Carter
image captionDavid Carter: "The council did not fill this pothole so some resident toys tried themselves."
image source, Erinn Bowen
image captionErinn Bowen: "When you're on the road, home is wherever you can rest your feet."
image source, Jim Gehlhar
image captionJim Gehlhar: "A photo taken in 1968 from the back of a coach from Shiraz to Kazerun, Iran."
image source, Jenny Vine
image captionJenny Vine : "Rest stop along the Pacific Coast Highway, reflecting the mix of travellers, and travel."
image source, Helena Howen
image captionHelena Howen: "Waiting at the train station whilst travelling."
image source, Daniel Thorpe
image captionDaniel Thorpe: "Taken from my recent journey from Cape Town to Nairobi. In Namibia, one of the many wild horses that somehow have adapted to live in the wilderness. This one happens to be blocking the road."
image source, Julia Adamo
image captionJulia Adamo: "It was an exceptionally hot day crawling on the M6 (not exceptional) and the DeLorean driver had activated the Delorean Air Conditioning System. Taken this time last year, by myself (passenger)."
image source, Victor Woisky
image captionVictor Woisky: "A longer exposure shot of a man walking around the Truck Expo in Montreal."
image source, Tim Crapnell
image captionTim Crapnell: "Taken from a moving car while on a road trip near Death Valley, California."
image source, Justin Garner
image captionJustin Garner: "Super-charged Mini. It was taken on the M60 in Stockport in a friend's car, using a long exposure to give the feeling of speed. The wet weather helped add to the drama."
image source, Guy Morris
image captionGuy Morris: "A fork in the road - taken in Streatham, south London, using one of the many pothole-strewn roads in the vicinity."
image source, Jordan Reilly
image captionJordan Reilly: "This was taken on a six-week charity drive from Liverpool to Ulanbaatar, Mongolia. Me and my girlfriend lived and travelled in our tiny Ford Ka, raising funds for a couple of charities. Here my girlfriend is standing on our car trying to signal to another travelling couple who had taken a wrong turn around the mountain spur."
image source, David Leadbetter
image captionDavid Leadbetter: "This is my boy, Cas, dribbling his ball down the road towards the setting sun in Salalah, Oman. This was about five years ago, so he was only two."
image source, Faisal Husain
image captionFaisal Husain: "A man speeds down a mountain towards Mashhad, Iran, before the heavy rains start."
image source, Sarah Burnside
image captionSarah Burnside: "Life on the road can be amazing. That is unless your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. This is the scenario I found myself in with my boyfriend a couple of years ago. I couldn't help but capture the downside to a free and easy way of life."
image source, Judy Berrian
image captionJudy Berrian: "The highway alongside my mom's property is striped every two years, although apparently not swept as often. Of course we don't expect this photo to be a serious candidate, but we couldn't resist sending you this - literally - 'on the road' photo!"
image source, Daniel Furon
image captionAnd finally, a photograph by Daniel Furon. The next theme is "Philippines" and the deadline for your entries is 13 May. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link below this gallery. The theme "squares", which was set for next week, now has a deadline of 20 May.

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