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In pictures: PhotoIreland Festival 2014

image captionThe fifth annual PhotoIreland Festival has opened in Dublin showcasing the personal and political objectives that influence how photography is used for storytelling. The festival presents the work of 27 photographers in various exhibitions across the city on the theme, Truths, Facts, Fictions, Lies. Gustavo Aleman Perez's work is an exploration of his feelings about his home in Murcia in south-eastern Spain.
image captionThis Land of Ours That is Not Ours by Marco Kesseler observes the shifting community beyond the barricades following the clashes in Maiden, Kiev, between protesters and former President Yanukovych’s government forces.
image captionPortuguese photographer Carlos Azeredo Mesquita's project, Detailed Close-ups of Far-off Scenes, is a series of jarring images accompanied by text intended to question the "truth" of the photographic image.
image captionCesar Rodriguez's series of portraits was taken during the holy week at the community of San Juan Bautista, Nayarit. The Cora are an indigenous people in western central Mexico and the work explores their traditions and culture.
image captionElena Chernyshova's project documents the daily life of the inhabitants of Norilsk, a mining city in Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia.
image caption"A Guide to the Flora and Fauna of the World seeks to document and reflect on the myriad ways in which human action and intervention are slowly altering the natural world," says Singaporean visual artist Renhui Zhao of his work.
image captionKathrin Baumbach's project "tells the story of everyday Texan life in the context of its gun culture. It provides the audience with an in-depth view into the life of a local family."
image captionInspired by a letter to the minister of marine written by the French Commander in Chief, Admiral Villeneuve, Vincent Debanne uses images of yachting to re-create mock sea battles.
image captionSerena De Sanctis tells the story of her father, Bernardino, and his love of mechanics through a series of intimate portraits of his daily life.
image captionQuest is a personal take on life in Israel and how "the evidence of the past is so strongly intertwined with the marks of the present and questions about our future" by photographer Yaakov Israel. PhotoIreland Festival 2014 continues in a number of venues across Dublin until 31 July 2014.