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Supermoon: Your pictures of the perigee Moon

The "supermoon" has been snapped by people around the world this weekend. The phenomenon known as the "perigee supermoon" is when the moon appears larger and brighter in the sky owing to its elliptical orbit of Earth. BBC News readers have been sharing their photos of the Moon.

Saturday night marked the first of three supermoons expected in as many months. The next and closest supermoon of 2014 will be on August 10. Samirah Khan from the UAE tweeted this picture whilst walking to work in the evening.

Image copyright Samirah Khan

Debashis Pradhan captured the supermoon as it rose over Lower Manhattan, New York, USA.

Image copyright Debashis Pradhan

The larger and brighter appearance of the Moon is caused by the oval shape of the Moon's orbit of the Earth. Jem Garcia snapped this picture of the supermoon in the Philippines on Saturday night.

Image copyright Jem Garcia

The supermoon was also seen in Cambria, California, USA. Photo: Randy James

Image copyright Randy James

A full Moon at perigee is up to 14% larger and 30% brighter than one at its farthest point, or apogee. Nathan Bailey captured it from his porch north-west of Sulphur Springs, USA.

Image copyright Nathan Bailey

Gavin Jelic-Masterton captured this stunning supermoon in Croatia.

Image copyright Gavin Jelic-Masterton

Heidi Bahnck snapped the supermoon in pink in Ocean City, New Jersey, USA.

Image copyright Heidi Bahnck

Jahnavi Utukuri tweeted a beautiful orange supermoon on Saturday night at Liberty State Park in New Jersey, USA.

Image copyright Jahnavi Utukuri

While James Chow Chun Kin took this picture of the supermoon in Yuen Long, Hong Kong on Sunday.

Image copyright James Chow Chun Kin

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