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Supermoon: Your pictures

Stargazers have been taking images of the spectacular 'supermoon' overnight. The phenomenon means the moon - which is classified as a 'perigee moon' by astronomers - appears bigger and brighter than usual because of its proximity to the earth. Some were lucky enough to also see the Perseid meteor shower which is caused by the Swift-Tuttle comet shedding part of its celestial body and leaving behind a trail of dust.

On Twitter, the hashtag #supermoon2014 was trending as people shared their images, while here is a selection sent in to the BBC.

Image copyright Linda Enfield

This classic shot of the supermoon was taken in Shawford near Winchester in the UK by Linda Enfield as she looked towards Twyford and the South Downs National Park.

Image copyright Jeff Reardon

Jeff Reardon was across the Potomac River in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia when he saw the moon over National Harbor, in Washington DC, USA.

Image copyright Kim Sullivan

Kim Sullivan showed off her picture taken in Tottenham, London, UK, on Twitter using the hashtag #marblemoon. She said: "I'm an amateur photographer and couldn't miss the perfect photo opportunity."

Image copyright John O'Neill

John O'Neill said that he went out with his iPhone to take his image in his garden in Purley, UK because the supermoon was a "unique event".

Image copyright Edward KC Wong

Edward KC Wong said it was an "amazing moment" to witness the supermoon while he was out with his family in Hong Kong, China.

Image copyright Bill Del Grosso

Bill Del Grosso snapped the cityscape in Abu Dhabi, UAE when he took this picture of the supermoon.

Image copyright Nesyln Talavera

Neslyn Talavera says: "I drove around town for a while until I found the perfect moonscape in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico."

Image copyright David Paul Jobling

Meanwhile artist David Paul Jobling took this image of the supermoon in in Adelaide, Australia.

Image copyright Gabriela Zazpe Fernandez

Gabriela Zazpe Fernandez in Montevideo, Uruguay, was told about the phenomenon by one of her friends.

Image copyright Rifard Khalideen

Rifard Khalideen in Kandy, Sri Lanka, says he did not have to use any filters for his shot of the supermoon, which he shared across social media sites.

Image copyright Mike Meynall

Mike Meynall was in Blackheath, London, UK when he took this image of the perigee moon rising over the city. The next supermoon is due to appear on 9 September.

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