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In pictures: Pope beatifies South Korea Catholic martyrs

Pope Francis was greeted by hundreds of thousands of Catholics in South Korea, as he delivered a large open-air Mass during which he beatified 124 of the country's first Catholics.

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Many of the attendees were invited through their local churches from across the country. Local media reports said the crowd topped one million.

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Throngs of people turned up to welcome the pope's motorcade as it made its way towards the site of Mass in Gwanghwamun square.

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Gwanghwamun Plaza - the city's main thoroughfare - led to the site where many Catholic martyrs were publicly executed in the 18th and 19th Centuries.

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The pope said the lessons to be learned from the martyrs were as important as ever in societies "where, alongside immense wealth, dire poverty is silently growing".

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Image copyright Gregorio Borgia/AP

Dozens of goblets were laid out in preparation for the beatification ceremony.

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Cheers from the crowd erupted when Pope Francis declared the 124 Catholic martyrs "blessed" - the first step toward possible sainthood.

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A massive security operation was in force, with bridges, roads and underground stations closed and police snipers deployed to the roofs of nearby buildings.

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