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September supermoon: Your pictures

Astronomers and photographers have been out in their droves around the world taking images of the final supermoon of 2014.

A supermoon is so described because it appears bigger and brighter than usual due to its proximity to the earth. The phenomenon is also known as a "perigee full moon".

Since this supermoon occurs in September, it is also categorised as a "harvest moon". This is because it is the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox of 22 September.

BBC News website readers and BBC fans on Twitter have been sending in their images taken over the past few days.

Image copyright Chris Carroll-Davis

Chris Carroll-Davis took his two young sons up to the graveyard at St Mary's Church in Pakenham, Suffolk, UK, to see the moon. He said: "It was handy as they were able to keep the motion-activated lights going in the churchyard which lit the edge of the gravestone."

Image copyright ALi Basil

Ali Basil took several pictures of the supermoon on Monday in Kuwait.

Image copyright Ian Garfield

Ian Garfield in the West Midlands, UK said: "The last supermoon of the year, the harvest moon tonight looked pretty spectacular. Quite a warm glow, signalling the end of the summer."

Image copyright Ikbal Hardal

Ikbal Hardal took this image in Manisa, Turkey of the harvest moon. He shared it with his friends and followers on Twitter where he tweets using the handle @ikbalhardal. He described it as a "smoking moon".

Image copyright @NPAS_Barton

Back in the UK, the crew of NPAS Barton (the Greater Manchester Police Air Support Unit) shared this image on their Twitter stream of the harvest moon viewed from their spot high in the sky.

Image copyright MOhammed Mousa

Mohammed Mousa, who tweets at @M_Albuhayri, contacted the BBC about his picture to say: "I took it from my tiny village of Seqaren in the southwest of Saudi."

Image copyright Rachel Stewart

Rachel Stewart made the moon appear rather romantic when she took this photo while out with friends in Cippenham, UK late on Tuesday.

Image copyright Dhruti Shah

Carolyn G Anderson took this picture of the harvest moon peering through the trees in her back garden in St Joseph, Minnesota, USA.

Image copyright Dermott McCaughan

Dermott McCaughan used his phone to take this image of the supermoon over Mount Maunganui, New Zealand.

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