Your pictures: Amateur sport

Image source, James Clee
Image caption, Each week, we publish a gallery of readers' pictures on a set theme. This week it is "amateur sport", and we begin with this picture by James Clee of a game of volleyball in the Himalayas in Nepal.
Image source, Chris Chen
Image caption, Chris Chen: "French climber Caroline Sinno leaving her feet behind and climbing the classic boulder problem, Resident Evil in Joe's Valley, Utah, on a month-long trip to the United States."
Image source, Chris Tuck
Image caption, Chris Tuck: "Recurve archery shoot in Glasgow. There are over 1,240 registered archery clubs in the UK and 34,000 Archery GB members."
Image source, Christian Thwaites
Image caption, Christian Thwaites: "A wheelchair competitor in the Vermont City Marathon (Vermont, USA). There was a brutal uphill but he was cheery and in the spirit to tough it out."
Image source, Justin Grant
Image caption, Justin Grant: "I took this picture at the start line of the Hillingdon marathon. I wanted to show the feeling of speed at the beginning of the race."
Image source, Jane Barrett
Image caption, Jane Barrett: "Oliphant and Hazelwood, a couple of young competitors, taking part in the GB selection trials in the C2 event, negotiating one of the gates at Lee Valley."
Image source, Anna Sobotka
Image caption, Anna Sobotka: "This picture was taken at Kitty Hawk State Park in North Carolina during an exciting lesson in hang-gliding."
Image source, Karl Hsu What
Image caption, Karl Hsu What: "Downhill mountain biking in Atlanta."
Image source, Larane Sullivan
Image caption, Larane Sullivan: "I took this picture at my son's archery club, Rushgreen Bowmen of Witham, Essex, in June this year. They were raising money for a local charity."
Image source, Jenny Downing
Image caption, Jenny Downing: "A lone ice hockey player perfects his puck control on a patch of ice that's been swept clear of snow. The temperature is so low that his breath has turned his moustache into an icicle. That's what I call dedication."
Image source, Stephen Arrandale
Image caption, Stephen Arrandale: "Taken at Cenarth Falls, in Cardigan, west Wales, of a local canoeing competition."
Image source, Conor Beary
Image caption, And finally, a photograph by Conor Beary from a series he is working on about the world of boxing. The next theme is "dance", and the deadline for your entries is 7 October. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link below this gallery.

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