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In pictures: Hong Kong protests dwindle in second week

Protests which have taken over the streets of Hong Kong in recent days dwindled over the weekend, leaving just a few hundred camped out on Monday morning.

Correspondents say protesters appear to be retreating for now out of exhaustion, and also because student leaders have begun meeting government officials to lay the groundwork for talks.

In the Admiralty district near government offices, the remaining protesters had a peaceful night sleeping on the highway as a deadline for their withdrawal passed without incident.

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Earlier on Sunday night, an artist called Milk had erected a 12ft-tall (3.6m) figure which has been dubbed Umbrella Man. It is made out of wooden blocks and carries a yellow umbrella, the colour and symbol of the protests.

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On Monday morning, government employees were seen heading to work past the protest site.

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Crowds continue to throng the Mong Kok site despite the pullout of some protesters on Sunday.

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Later on Monday, some student activists headed to the Chinese University of Hong Kong to urge fellow students to stop attending classes and join their protests.

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