In pictures: Feline focus

image captionAn online exhibition celebrating the photography of cats is being hosted by Humble Arts Foundation (HAF), a non-profit organisation based in New York City and Seattle. Photo: Pinky (love) 1998 by Alice Hargrave
image captionCurated by HAF co-founder Jon Feinstein, the show draws together work by more than 50 artists. Here is a portrait entitled Sir Luttrell and his Blind Cat, by Aneta Bartos.
image caption"New Cats in Art Photography includes 100 images from some of our favourite photographers around the world and varies from larger bodies of work dedicated entirely to cats, to one-off cat photos that find their way into non-cat specific portfolios," says Feinstein. (The Protagonists by Natalia Wiernik )
image captionMost of the images, such as Rachelle Mozman’s One Eyed Cat, "are casual, seemingly random photographs of cats that have floated in to their larger projects".
image captionThe exhibition "may not answer any of our questions as to why photographers love cats so much, but it gives us some insights into how they continue to serve as a photographic muse", adds Feinstein. Photo: Jacobs Weekly Bath by Robin Schwartz
image captionAmy Lombard's photo, Kitty City, was taken at an orphaned cat event in New York.
image captionSarah Wilmer's image of Flyers and Fox was captured in 2008. Wilmer lives and works in New York, with her cat, Tubs, and has been widely published and exhibited.
image captionJamie Campbell's is called Bea, in Anita's old room, a picture made in 2009.
image captionThe aim of HAF is to promote and support new photography. Photo: Leap apres la souris (Leap after the mouse) by James Johnson
image captionYou can view other images from the show online at Photo: Jon Mullett by Alexandra Crockett

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