Your pictures: Movement

Image source, Daniel Furon
Image caption, Each week, we publish a gallery of readers' pictures on a set theme. This week it is "movement", and we begin with this picture taken by Daniel Furon of a man selling glow sticks.
Image source, Pete Bennett
Image caption, Pete Bennett: "A whirling dervish taken in Luxor, Egypt. Quite amazing that he managed to stay upright whilst spinning at a frightening pace."
Image source, Milan Chudjak
Image caption, Milan Chudjak: "I took this photo of my friend Branislav Soltes during his training two weeks ago near Peebles."
Image source, Simon Hunt
Image caption, Simon Hunt: "My daughter hurtling around a fairground ride - with the enemy in her sights."
Image source, Ed Hurst
Image caption, Ed Hurst: "A wind farm near Goulburn in New South Wales, Australia. Shot over a 40-minute period as the stars swept past. The movement of the stars made me acutely aware of how tiny we are against the infinite cosmos."
Image source, Nigel Runnett
Image caption, Nigel Runnett: "A productive Sunday evening in the office spinning on my chair."
Image source, Jocelyn Winwood
Image caption, Jocelyn Winwood: "Two seagulls hovering above our picnic table."
Image source, Michael Ayling
Image caption, Michael Ayling: "Dusk at the Fair Amusement Park in Helsinki, Finland. Lots of spinning lights merging into multi-coloured discs but how many people are in this photo?"
Image source, Bob Myhill
Image caption, Bob Myhill: "The Chocolate River. This is the Waldnaab River in Bavaria, taken in early autumn this year. I love how the long exposure captured the movement of the water and the stillness of the surrounding valley."
Image source, Nigel Jackson
Image caption, And finally, a photograph by Nigel Jackson of a marching band in Cambridge. The next theme is "Insects", and the deadline for your entries is 25 November. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link below this gallery.

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