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Your pictures: Insects

image copyrightZaev Suskin
image captionEach week, we publish a gallery of readers' pictures on a set theme. This week it is "insects", and we begin with this picture taken by Zaev Suskin in South Africa.
image copyrightJoseph Kombarakkaran
image captionJoseph Kombarakkaran: "Bug in the office. I spotted this bug while we were reviewing the bugs in one of the applications,"
image copyrightNigel Jackson
image captionNigel Jackson: "An exhibit by Colombian artist Rafael Gomezbarros at the Saatchi Gallery, London."
image copyrightAlison Lomax
image captionAlison Lomax: "Wood-boring Crane Fly laying eggs in old tree stump."
image copyrightIan Haden
image captionIan Haden created a montage which he called, 'I'm Gonna Need More Spray.'
image copyrightNigel Walker
image captionNigel Walker: "I spotted this formidable looking chap on a handrail in Singapore."
image copyrightDavid Bradbury
image captionDavid Bradbury: "I put a small amount of honey on a white stone on holiday in Greece and waited - the ants formed a perfect row with no jostling and were all extremely polite."
image copyrightCarolin Sommer
image captionCarolin Sommer: "I believe these are Birch Sawfly caterpillars - they were devouring the leaves on a young birch in my garden this summer, and every time a shadow passed over them (eg my hand), they flicked their tails in the air. They are beautiful, but I didn't like them eating my tree."
image copyrightSimon Williams
image captionSimon Williams: "This exotic butterfly was captured at Longleat."
image copyrightEmma Turner
image captionAnd finally, a photograph by Emma Turner of a grasshopper taken in Valley Of The Nuns, Madeira. The next theme is 'On the Shelf', and the deadline for your entries is 2 December. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link below this gallery.

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