Your pictures: Night time

image copyrightYehia Nasr
image captionEach week, we publish a gallery of readers' pictures on a set theme. This week it is "night time", and we begin with this picture taken by Yehia Nasr, who said: "To create the illusion that the light bulb is lit, I simply placed a small LED light behind it."
image copyrightRichard Hughes
image captionRichard Hughes: "An entirely different and fascinating world emerges each night after dark at Rewa village, deep in the Guyanese rainforest. I spent three months volunteering in Guyana this summer, and the difference between night and day never ceased to amaze me."
image copyrightSimon Kirk
image captionSimon Kirk: "Back garden star trails documenting the passage of time, 12 hours on a clear winter`s night over Newcastle upon Tyne."
image copyrightNigel Jackson
image captionNigel Jackson: "A house becomes a canvas at the Horncastle light show in Lincolnshire."
image copyrightAlan Butterfield
image captionAlan Butterfield: "Eilean Donan Castle, at Dornie in the north-west highlands, is often said to be Scotland's most photographed castle. This shot taken on a September evening after a day of heavy rain was taken at high tide to get good reflections of the floodlit castle."
image copyrightDamian Black
image captionDamian Black: "I headed out to find the crashed Dakota and had looked at the aurora forecast to coincide. Once we got there, patience paid off as the northern lights made an appearance, with the Moon lighting the plane nicely."
image copyrightRichard Farrell
image captionRichard Farrell: "There were a group of us from the University of Cumbria doing charity work in a school in South Africa, and we took a long weekend trip to Botswana, which was beautiful. The sundowner drinks are a real tradition to welcome in the night. In the photo is Mhairi Thompson."
image copyrightNick Brown
image captionNick Brown: "The night bus was taken on Westminster Bridge, with a shutter speed of five seconds and an aperture of f/10, plus a slow flash sync to freeze the movement of the bus at the end of the exposure."
image copyrightDee Robinson
image captionDee Robinson: "Route 66 and its neon lights. In their day, they were the cutting edge of advertising."
image copyrightVic Wright
image captionVic Wright: "This was taken during an RPS (Royal Photographic Society) workshop at night in Bath."
image copyrightLise Leino-Punwar
image captionLise Leino-Punwar: "Two men waiting by a water feature for a performance to start at the Lincoln Center in New York."
image copyrightMalvika Hathiramani
image captionAnd finally, a photograph of Las Vegas by Malvika Hathiramani. The next theme is "something new", and the deadline for your entries is 6 January. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link below this gallery. Next week we will run a selection of the best of your pictures from 2014.

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