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In pictures: How you captured new year celebrations

A round-up of the best pictures, taken by you, to mark the beginning of 2015.

Image copyright Gulnaz Stybayeva

Gulnaz Stybayeva sent in this photo of her daughter Nelly doing a celebratory splits on the beach at Half Moon Bay, California, USA.

Image copyright Raj Kaul

Raj Kaul took this shot in Trocadéro in Paris: "I was on the viewing platform surrounded by over 1,000 people, waiting for fireworks, but half an hour to midnight the police announced that there were to be no fireworks at the Eiffel Tower. Many let off their own fireworks, and someone set off a flare, which caused the red smoke."

Image copyright Chris Brown

While on honeymoon in Ho Chi Minh City, Chris Brown took this shot of the tens of thousands of Vietnamese scooters and motorcycles on roads and pavements, blocking every street on New Year's Eve.

Image copyright Arunas Mulvinskas

Arunas Mulvinskas and his friends started their New Year's Eve celebrations in style on Dover Beach, Barbados. Arunas, Mantas Stabacinskas, Maria Makarova and Boris Yurkin met in Mauritius last year and came together for a new year reunion.

Image copyright Camilla Reynolds

Camilla Reynolds is celebrating the new year in Ufa in the Urals region of Russia, where it was -15C: "It snowed heavily overnight on New Year's Eve and everything was covered in a thick blanket of snow including this tree top trail, which looked very beautiful and festive!"

Image copyright Tim Malyon

Tim Malyon celebrated the new year with his family on a boat on Sydney harbour: "The weather was perfect - the harbour was like a millpond around midnight."

Image copyright Lisa Williams

Lisa Williams took this photo of her family seeing in the new year in Macclesfield, UK.

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