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You have been sending your photos of news stories around the globe this week. Here is a selection of them:

Image copyright Geoffrey Whitehouse
Image caption Geoffrey Whitehouse snapped this photo of boat race preparations in Putney, London on Friday. The annual race takes place between Oxford and Cambridge University rowing teams.
Image copyright Joe Batty
Image caption Parts of the UK faced soaring levels of air pollution on Friday. Joe Batty took this picture showing poor visibility in London.
Image copyright other
Image caption Kian Pagnier sent this picture of the White Cliffs of Dover although the polluted air problem is expected to be short-lived.
Image copyright ruddlez
Image caption Ruddlez took this image on Thursday of a statue of British colonialist Cecil Rhodes being removed from University of Cape Town in South Africa. Students and locals turned out to watch.
Image copyright Peter Knight
Image caption A large fire broke out on Thursday night at a recycling centre in Preston, Lancashire, UK. About 100 firefighters were called out to extinguish the blaze.
Image copyright Hayley Ross
Image caption Firefighters have been dealing with a number of wildfires across the Scottish Highlands. Hayley Ross was at the scene of one wildfire on Thursday night and took this picture.
Image copyright Felice Privitera
Image caption Hundreds of people has gathered in Trafalgar Square inLondon, UK, for a mass pillow fight as part of the International Pillow Day. Felice Privitera was in thick of the action.
Image copyright Thuan Nguyen
Image caption The event attracted hundreds of people in cities around the world. Thuan Nguyen shared this image of a pillow fight in New York City, USA.
Image copyright Rowland Hobson
Image caption A bus collided with traffic lights in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England. Rowland Hobson was in the area and took this picture of the aftermath of the collision.

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