Election 2015 in pictures: 13 April

image source, Christopher Furlong/Getty Images
image captionA convoy of Conservative Party election posters arrived at the Granada television studios in Manchester, where Labour leader Ed Miliband was to launch his party's election manifesto. The posters place Mr Miliband in the pockets of the Scottish National Party.
image source, Steve Parsons/PA
image captionThe Green Party has launched its election poster campaign with the message: "Vote big. Vote brave." Leader Natalie Bennett (left) said: "We want big changes. We don't want business-as-usual politics any more. Vote for what you believe in."
image source, Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images
image captionAt the home of Trident, the Faslane naval base on the Clyde, an estimated 200 anti-nuclear activists took part in a blockade. The SNP opposes the principle of nuclear weapons, with leader Nicola Sturgeon having said that halting the renewal of Britain's nuclear deterrent would be her "absolute priority" if her party held the balance of power in May.
image source, Andrew Milligan/PA
image captionThe nuclear weapons system came to the fore of the election campaign last week after Defence Secretary Michael Fallon confirmed that a Conservative government would go ahead with the construction of four new Trident nuclear missile submarines to replace the existing fleet of ageing Vanguard-class boats.
image source, Stefan Rousseau/PA
image captionMembers of the shadow cabinet arrived on set at the Granada TV studios in Manchester before for the launch of their manifesto.
image source, Dominic Lipinski/PA
image captionLiberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg spoke with apprentice mechanics during a visit to Mid-Kent College in Maidstone. At a question-and-answer session he said that Labour's manifesto was "not worth the paper it's written on".
image source, Carl Court/Getty Images
image captionThe photographers travelling with Mr Clegg showed devotion to duty as they crouched under a car being repaired to get the shot above.
image source, ANDY RAIN/epa
image captionThe Labour Party manifesto was launched by leader Ed Miliband, who promised every policy would be fully funded and required no "additional borrowing".
image source, OLI SCARFF/AFP
image captionHe asked the party faithful to work hard for victory and added that "the stakes have never been higher".
image source, Dan Kitwood/Getty Images
image captionUKIP leader Nigel Farage attended a coffee morning at Coppins Community Centre in Clacton-on-Sea, Essex
image source, Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images
image captionPrime Minister David Cameron was out campaigning in Alnwick, Northumberland, this morning, posing for pictures and speaking to residents.
image source, Carl Court/Getty Images
image captionAfter the mechanics in the morning, Mr Clegg caught up with builders in Carshalton, south London, for a cup of tea.
image source, Carl Court/Getty Images
image captionHis appearance at a rally outside St Helier hospital in Carshalton was disrupted by protesters campaigning against NHS privatisation and plans for the construction of incinerators.
image source, Steve Parsons/PA
image captionQueen guitarist Brian May met Green Party parliamentary candidate Caroline Lucas on the seafront in Brighton, where they spoke about democracy and the importance of voting.

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