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In pictures: Looking for America

An exhibition at the Cardiff International Festival of Photography brings together more than 30 photographers exploring the American dream.

One of the highlights is And Now It's Dark, an exhibition of American night photography featuring Jeff Brouws, Todd Hido and Will Steacy.

Image copyright Jeff Brouws
Image caption Jeff Brouws's images show America's neon-lit shopping centres, fast-food restaurants and housing. (Photo: Motel Drive, Fresno, California, 1992)
Image copyright Todd Hido
Image caption In the book that accompanies the exhibition, Mark Rawlinson writes: "Todd Hido's exterior and interior photographs possess an ever-present sense that something has happened or is just about to happen, an unfolding narrative event in which the viewer is an active, though impotent, witness."
Image copyright Will Steacy
Image caption Down These Mean Streets by Will Steacy consists of images taken while walking from a number of regional airports to the financial centres of nearby cities. (Photo: Satellite Dish, Detroit, 2009)
Image copyright © Stacy Kranitz
Image caption As It was Give(n) to Me combines images with text, drawings and objects. (Photo: Stacy Kranitz, Crooked Road)
Image copyright Ken Griffiths
Image caption Ken Griffiths's images document the descendants of 19th-Century Welsh settlers in Patagonia. (Photo: Two men and a woman)
Image copyright Clementine Schneidermann
Image caption Clementine Schneidermann's pictures explore the power of Elvis. Portraits taken in Memphis are juxtaposed with those from an Elvis festival held each year in Porthcawl, south Wales. (Photo: Little Girl, Elvis Presley Boulevard, from I Called her Lisa-Marie)
Image copyright Jona Frank
Image caption Jona Frank's series High School, Right features portraits of young people at Patrick Henry College, Virginia, a Republican Christian private school. (Photo: Roommates)
Image copyright Stephen McLaren
Image caption Stephen McLaren has been working in California for three years. He said: "Whether in the vehement polemic of street preachers, the faded iconography of Hollywood, or in the exhaustion of a homeless woman in downtown Los Angeles, I have taken a series of unposed images which for me show the West Coast ideology in its rawest form." (Photo: Westcoastism)
Image copyright Arthur Tress
Image caption Rare archive pictures that capture San Francisco street life in 1964 are also on show. They were taken by Arthur Tress, who, following the death of his sister, rediscovered these all but forgotten photographs.

Diffusion - Cardiff International Festival of Photography - Looking for America runs until 31 October 2015.

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