Your pictures: Corners

image source, Prerna Jain
image captionEach week, we publish a gallery of readers' pictures on a set theme. This week it is "corners", and we begin with a picture by Prerna Jain of a snail looking down as it reaches the corner of a window.
image source, Kris Venkiah
image captionKris Venkiah: "These figures are the ghost people of Savamala, which are seen on the walls in a small district in Belgrade. They portray the local people being pushed out to make way for the new waterfront project proposed. I don't know why both old and new cannot work together and help save some of the original essence of such a vibrant place."
image source, Chris Whittier
image captionChris Whittier: "Sol LeWitt's pyramid 'structure', outside the Smithsonian National Gallery of Art, has about as many corners as you'll find in one place."
image source, Edmond Lu
image captionEdmond Lu: "I'd like to think that compelling images can be found just about anywhere, like this photo I snapped on my cell[phone], of shadows playing off of a corner on the ceiling in my friend's house."
image source, Ben Rutlidge
image captionBen Rutlidge: "I was experimenting with an idea I have seen on the internet many times. My wife says I should not cut corners, this is what I think about corners."
image source, Jenny Downing
image captionJenny Downing : "I was on my knees taking an entirely different photo, when this friendly cat slunk his sinuous way round the curve of the wall and proceeded to push his inquisitive nose into my lens."
image source, Joan Tollerton
image captionJoan Tollerton: "My favourite corner."
image source, Philippoteaux Christine
image captionPhilippoteaux Christine: "Photo taken at Futuroscope in Poitiers, France. This building, which symbolises a pile of quartz crystals, presents a considerable number of corners. The restaurant by the lake has a similar structure."
image source, Nando Slivers
image captionNando Slivers: " I took this photo of an old post office in an old abandoned gold-mining town called Malakoff, in northern California, not far from Grass Valley. It has been maintained as a historical marker in the area, and most of the building, built decades ago, still stands. The dust has settled in a few places. And as the picture can tell, it hasn't been touched in a long long time."
image source, Chris Hoyle
image captionChris Hoyle: "Looking down a staircase found in a Barbican training venue, central London."
image source, Daniel Furon
image captionAnd finally, a picture by Daniel Furon. The next theme is "signs", and the deadline for your entries is 8 December. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link below this gallery or go to and look for Share your photo.

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