In pictures: Art of Building


The finalists of this year's Art of Building Photographer of the Year have been announced. The competition attracts thousands of entries from around the world each year.

Image source, Derek Snee
Image caption,
Derek Snee photographed a small pillbox - hastily built on the Northumberland coast when Nazi invasion threatened during World War Two. Today, it sits amid sand dunes in Embleton Bay.
Image source, Bernabe Della Mattia
Image caption,
Bernabe Della Mattia's Under Pressure was taken in Iceland.
Image source, Rickie Cheung
Image caption,
Rickie Cheung photographed the view inside an electricity terminal, showing off the scale and complexity of the structure.
Image source, Anne Yong
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This photograph by Anne Yong was taken as part on an ongoing project. She said: "I find beauty in all aspects and components of architecture, everything that goes into making a building as well as the finished product. Through photography, I try to capture everything that encompasses architecture in a creative and innovative way, which helps to shed light on the complexity that goes into making a building."
Image source, Robert Finch
Image caption,
The Millennium Bridge forms the main part of Robert Finch's image. He said: "The bridge anchors are at a 45-degree angle to the background birch trees standing vertically at Tate Modern."
Image source, Nikola Filipov
Image caption,
A long exposure in London, showing star trails, helped Nikola Filipov make the final 12 images.
Image source, David Bajrai
Image caption,
David Bajrai's picture, taken in Assam, India, shows a man working on a construction site.
Image source, Peter Murrell
Image caption,
"This reminds me of telephone boxes," said Peter Murrell. "Each person making their use of it." His photograph was taken at Baker Street Tube station.
Image source, Ata Adnan
Image caption,
Ata Adnan's Daredevil was taken in Chittagong, Bangladesh.
Image source, Sheila Unwin
Image caption,
Sheila Unwin's Round is the Old Square shows 17th-Century observatory the Rundetarn in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Image source, Iris Posner
Image caption,
Iris Posner concentrated on the small details on a construction site in New York.
Image source, David Cabrera
Image caption,
The Valleaceron Chapel in Castille La Mancha, Spain, is the subject of David Cabrera's picture. He said: "I can't explain with words the feeling when I was there. It's a very special project and difficult to get access as it's private property. Simply beautiful to photograph but even better to have been there."

The competition is run by the Chartered Institute of Building, and the overall winner is chosen by a public vote, which opens on 18 December 2015.