Your pictures: Sundays

image copyrightMichael Russell
image captionEach week, we publish a gallery of readers' pictures on a set theme. This week it is "Sundays", and we begin with a picture by Michael Russell.
image copyrightAdriana Fuentevilla
image captionAdriana Fuentevilla: "My cousins, planning imaginary trips on a Sunday afternoon."
image copyrightBernard Gillespie
image captionBernard Gillespie: "I took this photo while hill walking with my wife on a Sunday in the Mourne Mountains, County Down. The ladies who were part of the group decided to rest and enjoy the view for a while."
image copyrightJane Hinton
image captionJane Hinton: "Sundays - the morning is a quiet time where, with a cup of coffee, I sit leisurely to read a newspaper - from the news to travel and theatre - I ditch the sports bit, though. I love the physical handling of the pages - it's just not the same on a tablet."
image copyrightLeonardo Fugoso
image captionLeonardo Fugoso: "This is Joseph, our cat, lazing the day with my wife, Anita, and daughter Ida. For Joseph, every day is a Sunday."
image copyrightKatie Cannons
image captionKatie Cannons sent what she calls a "Sunday puzzle".
image copyrightKevin Donegan
image captionKevin Donegan: "My family's muddy walking boots in the boot of our car after yet another Sunday out walking with the dog. Taken very quickly on my Samsung Galaxy phone before we started the drive home."
image copyrightAlex Watts
image captionAlex Watts: "This picture is what makes Sundays joyous for us. Laying in a park with the papers and an opportunity to relax together. This image is both a precious memory and hope for the future as our 18-month-old daughter hasn't quite got the hang of our Sundays yet."
image copyrightJulius Vainauskas
image captionJulius Vainauskas: "On Sundays, I like to get lost in nature in order to find myself. Mondays are much easier that way. This photo was taken on a late afternoon at the Horseshoe Bend near the town of Page, Arizona."
image copyrightRuth Reed
image captionRuth Reed: "Sundays are for discovering secret pathways and new hideouts, Asthall Manor, Cotswold."
image copyrightJake Kennedy
image captionJake Kennedy: "Nothing says, 'Sunday' like a wet morning at a car-boot sale."
image copyrightClaire Goodbody
image captionAnd finally, a picture by Claire Goodbody. The next theme is "flags", and the deadline for your entries is 8 March. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link below this gallery or go to and look for Share your photo.

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