Your pictures: Pinhole

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View from a balconyImage source, Naila Iriarte
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We begin with a picture taken by Naila Iriarte who said: "Pine seen from my balcony, taken with a pinhole matchbox camera."
Self portraitImage source, Justin McAteer
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Justin McAteer: "This self-portrait was taken in a hotel room in Gatwick on a Canon EOS 70D with a Holga pinhole lens and remote release. It makes my wife laugh because it's so realistic and reminds her of Hans Holbein's The Body of the Dead Christ in the Tomb."
Image source, Kelly Daniels
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Kelly Daniels: "This was taken with a pinhole camera made out of a beer can. Taken as part of a university project, Lincoln UK."
Image source, Simon Byrns
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Simon Byrns: "The Beeston Bee-man watches as an ephemeral person passes through. The pinhole was made by pushing a small needle just through a flattened-out Nespresso pod and attached to my Canon 450D."
Image source, Elvis Halilovic
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Elvis Halilovic makes pinhole cameras with his brother: "With pinhole photography you learn to take it slow. People queue up to get their shot taken with a pinhole camera, and you are left with more than just an image - you relive the memory. These are the feelings that are driving me to make pinhole pictures."
Image source, Michael Inderrieden
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And finally an image by Michael Inderrieden. The next theme is "May Day" and the deadline for your entries is 3 May. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found at and look for Share your photo link at the bottom of the page.