Your pictures: Treats

image copyrightAndy Oliver
image captionAndy Oliver: "As a child, an ice cream from the ice cream van was always a treat and a sign of summer."
image copyrightHellen van der Maazen
image captionHellen van der Maazen: "Squeezed in between the many meetings during international business trips photographing at local (fresh) markets is often the icing on my (travel) cake. The sabudana papad were found at Bazaar Baru Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur ."
image copyrightBarbara Gavica
image captionBarbara Gavica: "A delicious Creamsicle milkshake."
image copyrightFiona
image captionFiona: "I like to bake - but since I am on my own, I often bring my creations into work to share. I think some of my workmates find it strange that I am sharing treats for no reason. It makes me happy."
image copyrightZohra Wafi-Miller
image captionZohra Wafi-Miller: "Our new rescued dog, Butters. It's her first night with us, and this is her first treat in her forever home. She's been rescued through Lucky Dog Animal Rescue in Washington DC, USA."
image copyrightEmrah Oprukcu
image captionEmrah Oprukcu is studying photography in Istanbul and took this picture of young Iranians.
image copyrightPeter Strauss
image captionPeter Strauss: "This is a photo of vibrantly coloured tasty macarons. To me, they are a treat because the first time I had traditional French macarons was for my father's birthday. Ever since then, they have acted as a treat within our family, and they are personally one of my favourite treats to have."
image copyrightThomas Labash
image captionAnd finally a picture by Thomas Labash in Barcelona, Spain. The next theme is "ruins", and the deadline for your entries is 17 May. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link to: We set the theme; you take the pictures, at the bottom of the page.

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