Your pictures: Journeys

image sourceNick Mills
image captionNick Mills: "We were in Plumpton Woods, Northamptonshire, with our two Golden Retrievers Barney and Holly, when out of the bushes appeared a Labrador. He just dived in the middle as if to say 'this way' and off they trotted on their journey... at least until his owner appeared and called him back."
image sourceTim Moore
image captionTim Moore: "Taken from my front deck in Sumner, New Zealand, on a late winter's evening. These ships often pause here on their journey to and from the port of Lyttleton. The weather can often be wild, but that day the sea was gentle, with a slow, consistent roll. I imagined the sailors leisurely stowing gear and cleaning, readying the ship while waiting for their turn to dock."
image sourceWill Melling
image captionWill Melling: "At a service station on the M4. I assume it is a tribute to an HGV driver who has now made his final journey."
image sourceBen Fairclough
image captionBen Fairclough: "A photo I took on a train between Colombo and Kandy in Sri Lanka last month while it was winding up through the hills. I found the colours to be so vibrant and the reflection of the train in its own windows makes this a memorable moment to me."
image sourceRuth Poole
image captionRuth Poole: "A Berber man walks barefoot in the Moroccan Sahara near sunset."
image sourceClista Fischer
image captionClista Fischer: "It truly is the journey - often much more than the final destination."
image sourceDavid Lubell
image captionDavid Lubell: "Caravan on the annual transhumance trek from winter to summer pasture in northern Afghanistan in June 1971."
image sourceRobby Bernstein
image captionWhile travelling on a bus in Miami, Florida, Robby Bernstein took this picture of the passengers.
image sourceTom Austin
image captionTom Austin: "Road trip work has its occasional perks. A colleague and I flew to Inverness, hired a car and drove back to Newcastle (with a couple of jobs along the way). Missed the Northern Lights but got a beautiful sky."
image sourceGwenael Guillard
image captionGwenael Guillard: "Tickets for long past journeys."
image sourceHannah Beck
image captionHannah Beck took this picture on the tube in London on a 35mm film camera for her AS photography course.
image sourceDuncan Cartwright
image captionDuncan Cartwright sent us a picture taken in Peru during a journey from the USA through Central and South America.
image sourceClaire Feguson
image captionAnd finally a picture by Claire Ferguson. The next theme is "my best photo" and the deadline for your entries is 7 June. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link to "We set the theme; you take the pictures" at the bottom of the page.

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