Your pictures: My best photo

image source, Ron Pantekoek
image captionRon Pantekoek: "This is a composite image consisting of 150 images to create the star-trails, one image for the truck 'moving' head and tail lights, and one for the foreground. All images were taken on the same night just outside the city limits of Bourke, NSW, Australia, and took several hours to make."
image source, George Olney
image captionGeorge Olney: "My best photo is still Buho, my toilet paper owl. He became part of my poster - Your Habits Destroy My Habitat. He helps me spread the word about the many benefits of using recycled tissue."
image source, Lee Bates
image captionLee Bates: "I took this on holiday in Puerto Banus in Spain. It was the Easter break and the weather was really bad with lots of rain, thunderstorms and cold in the blustery winds. However, one evening when the rain stopped, but the wind was still whipping the waves in, it was the perfect time to capture the way the sea was wrapping itself around the lighthouse with the setting sun in the background."
image source, Herlene
image captionHerlene sent in this beautiful picture of a daisy; she said it offered a "fresh beginning".
image source, Gordon Coy
image captionGordon Coy: "Two of my favourite photographs are the result of lugging a heavy Mamiya M645 medium-format camera, lenses and a tripod whilst trekking. This photograph was taken just after dawn from close to the summit of Jebel Shams (3,007m), looking east into the bowl of Wadi Sahtan."
image source, Stephen Arrandale
image captionStephen Arrandale: "A Highland cow, taken on The Mull of Galloway. I was using my new 'toy', a Prime Lens, which meant getting very close to my subject - in fact, I was about a metre away. Fortunately, it wasn't bothered by my presence."
image source, Jemma Lane
image captionJemma Lane: " A mirror ball shines a ray of light down on to Brian May at Leeds Arena."
image source, Sara Bickley
image captionSara Bickley: "This photo is of a plasma ball on a long exposure."
image source, Lois Wright
image captionLois Wright: "Right place, right time! Lifted my small compact camera to take this shot in Gateshead and hit the button just at the right moment - could only hear the Red Arrows coming so couldn't frame shot beforehand."
image source, Mike Finn
image captionMike Finn: "My favourite oak tree heavily frosted on the crispest of winter days in Hallow, Worcestershire."
image source, Pradeep Kumar
image captionAnd finally a picture from India by Pradeep Kumar. The next theme is "arches" and the deadline for your entries is 14 June. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link to "We set the theme; you take the pictures" at the bottom of the page.

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