Your pictures: Arches

image copyrightBen Dixon
image captionBen Dixon: "There is something about things framed in threes which offers symmetry and balance. I like these three mini scenes all framed and brought into one - the subjects all appear impervious to each other's presence."
image copyrightRichard Woods
image captionRichard Woods: "This is (or was) called London Bridge. (Sorry England, we keep borrowing your place names in Australia!) Sadly, since this photo was taken, this particular 'London Bridge' has fallen down and a somewhat less spectacular one a little to the left of this one has taken on the name. My friends and I are quite glad it held together while we were there at least. Didn't give it a thought at the time. Crazy youth."
image copyrightMark Davies
image captionMark Davies: "Arches above the central assembly hall of the Bangladesh Assembly National Parliament Building, designed by Louis Kahn. Maintenance workers are in the process of repairing the marble strips set into the concrete."
image copyrightLaura Danae Rubino
image captionLaura Danae Rubino: "I walked out of a coffee house in Sebastopol, California, looked up and caught this image of a solar halo."
image copyrightJohn Watson
image captionJohn Watson: "Dusk at Whitby Abbey and the rays of light through the arches are like Dracula's fingers spreading over the unaware town."
image copyrightChloe Edwards
image captionChloe Edwards: "The view from a taxi crossing Nhat Tan Bridge, Hanoi, Vietnam. The arches emerge not through the mist but the thick smog that fills the air in this city."
image copyrightClaire Goodbody
image captionClaire Goodbody: "A photo taken whilst driving past the Twemlow Viaduct near Holmes Chapel in Cheshire. The viaduct carries the Manchester to Crewe railway over the River Dane."
image copyrightBill Reeds
image captionBill Reeds: "I was really pleased to find these arches which seemed tailor-made to frame the beauty of the Taj Mahal."
image copyrightManisha Malhotra
image captionManisha Malhotra: "This photo was taken near Marienplatz in Munich. I love clicking black and white silhouettes and got the opportunity to capture this one as people started moving out after the rain stopped."
image copyrightYogesh Patel
image captionYogesh Patel: "Tortured by nature, but alive, Arches National Park, Utah, USA."
image copyrightBrian Charles Lehrer
image captionBrian Charles Lehrer: "Matching an outfit to the soft red, white and blue palette of Ananda Temple in Bagan, Myanmar."
image copyrightJenny Downing
image captionJenny Downing: "Droplets of overnight rain have settled on to a blade of grass, causing it to bend over in an arch."
image copyrightRobert Wilson
image captionRobert Wilson: "The last port of call for the Titanic, the town of Cobh (formerly Queenstown) is situated on the Great Island in Cork Harbour, Ireland. The only road in or out of the island is across Belvelly Bridge which is over 200 years old. As I live in Cobh, I travel over this bridge daily and an idea for this shot came to me one night during one of these trips. Ensuring that there was a very low tide, I was able to safely walk under the arches and light them up with a flash gun. Using a long exposure, this captured the three arches lit up and also captured me three times."
image copyrightDaniel Furon
image captionDaniel Furon: "The skeleton of an installation called the Ammonite."
image copyrightMike Hume
image captionMike Hume: "Ribblehead Viaduct silhouetted at midnight by the light of a full moon, whilst a handful of stars twinkle above the glare of the full moon's indigo sky, Yorkshire Dales National Park."
image copyrightSimon Tasker
image captionSimon Tasker: "This dolphin creates a perfect arch whilst enjoying some time playing with its keeper at Dolphin Bay, Dubai, taken in summer last year."
image copyrightJustin McAteer
image captionJustin McAteer: "Collapsed Arches. An homage to Magritte's 'Ceci n'est pas une pipe' and a tribute to those who suffer from flat feet."
image copyrightVlad Vasiliu
image captionAnd finally a picture by Vlad Vasiliu, who said: "My first photo that I got the nerve to send to you." The next theme is "flowers" and the deadline for your entries is 21 June. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link to "We set the theme; you take the pictures" at the bottom of the page.

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