Your pictures: Flowers

Image source, Samantha Whitaker
Image caption, Samantha Whitaker: "Much as I'd love to have a Chelsea-esque show-garden, the reality is that it's a bit of a jungle crossed with a kids' playground - hence the close-up photos of some of the hardier flowers that have survived my lack of green-fingered love and care."
Image source, Paula Watts
Image caption, Paula Watts: "I had treated myself to some lovely red gerbera flowers whilst doing the weekly shop and noticed they looked quite dramatic in the sunlight with the dark orange shopping bag as a backdrop."
Image source, Sylvie N
Image caption, Sylvie N: "A small flower that enjoys a ray of sunshine to attract our attention."
Image source, Phil Ingram
Image caption, Phil Ingram: "These roses were beautiful when fresh, but they never opened up and simply dried out as they were. It reminded me of how a heartbreak can have the same effect on life. Other elements such as the red petals and green leaves were added to represent tears and anger."
Image source, Tim Evans
Image caption, Tim Evans: "This image of the thistle was taken in south Wales, near Cwmcarn[, Gwent]."
Image source, Paul Waddell
Image caption, Paul Waddell: "The dome of St Peter's Basilica in the Vatican affords a great view of Rome as well being maybe the only place in the world where you can see the entirety of a country: the Vatican city state. The dome was also a great place to see the gardeners in the Vatican gardens, hard at work, and the best place to appreciate their labours."
Image source, Edmund K
Image caption, Edmund K: "Dried daffodil blossoms on a wooden bench."
Image source, Debra Stringfellow
Image caption, Debra Stringfellow sent in this picture of Louise's yellow rose.
Image source, Anil M
Image caption, Anil M: "Leaves in the garden, taken from Wayanad, India."
Image source, Rodney Pinder
Image caption, Rodney Pinder: "Thistle on St Cuthbert's Way in the Cheviot Hills where it crosses the Scotland-England border near Kirk Yetholm[, Roxburghshire]."
Image source, Chiara Hemsley
Image caption, Chiara Hemsley: "The bright cheerful flowers contrasted against the old farm window caught my eye. It made me wonder about the history of the farm, as the flowers really emphasise its age."
Image source, Katie Pasta
Image caption, Katie Pasta: "These roses were made by my boyfriend for our first Valentine's Day. He used a red drink can for the flower and a green and yellow can for the leaves. They are better than real flowers would have been, as I can keep them and I know he must have spent a lot of time thinking them through and constructing them. They are really beautiful."
Image source, Lauren Rogers
Image caption, Lauren Rogers: "A mass of bluebells in the woods near Cartmel, [Cumbria,] in the Lake District. They were hiding behind a wall, and we couldn’t believe the purple carpet when we looked over."
Image source, Jodie Zahner
Image caption, Jodie Zahner: "Holy man with flower. Tierra Muscody, Haiti, prays for 250 people by name three times a day."
Image source, Ann-Marie B
Image caption, Ann-Marie B: "My friend and I took advantage of the warm sunny weather and went on a day trip to the North Antrim coast, where Game of Thrones was filmed, and I spotted these red-hot pokers. They made me feel like I was on holiday on the Continent."
Image source, Ambyr Wood
Image caption, Ambyr Wood: "This image was taken at the local market in Cusco, Peru, 2008. A floral feast for the eyes."
Image source, Jenny Downing
Image caption, Jenny Downing: "There is something arresting about the sight of delicate 'here today, gone tomorrow' roadside poppies. This one seemed to glow from within in the last of the evening sunshine."
Image source, Stephen Arrandale
Image caption, Stephen Arrandale: "As a photographer, one is drawn to elements of texture, colour, pattern, and not necessarily the botanical names of the subjects. I hope this photograph draws the viewer's eye to what I thought were the intrinsic qualities of the subject."
Image source, Steve Lawson
Image caption, Steve Lawson: "A bee sipping from a clover flower in our garden in Milton Keynes[, Buckinghamshire]."
Image source, Colm Young
Image caption, And, finally, a picture by Colm Young in Ardglass, County Down. The next theme is "My DIY", and the deadline for your entries is 28 June. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link to "We set the theme; you take the pictures" at the bottom of the page.

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