Your pictures: High-Rise

image copyrightDavid Foot
image captionDavid Foot: "A shot of street artist M-City painting an electricity tower from a cherry picker in Lagos, Portugal."
image copyrightMark Cope
image captionMark Cope: "Reflections of skyscrapers in 'the bean' in Chicago."
image copyrightAndy O'Farrell
image captionAndy O'Farrell: "It pays to look up...taken while walking around Chicago.."
image copyrightSunil Pareek
image captionSunil Pareek: "This is the clock tower, the iconic building of our city. Though not a very high structure it is one of the highest monuments of our city Ujjain in India."
image copyrightLinda Taylor
image captionLinda Taylor: "Storks nesting on high in the Alsace region of France."
image copyrightJoanna Fenning
image captionJoanna Fenning: "High-rise up the Rockefeller Center, New York. Beautiful day, beautiful view, beautiful shadows."
image copyrightMark Sullivan
image captionMark Sullivan: "These pictures were taken on a fantastic trip to Hong Kong last year. I was so mesmerised by the pace of Hong Kong and plan another trip next year."
image copyrightCliff Mundy
image captionCliff Mundy: "This is a picture taken from the pavement in front of a New York skyscraper. The lower section of the structure was designed with a slight curve."
image copyrightPip Lacey
image captionPip Lacey: "This brilliant red hot-air balloon rose high in the sky over York at sunset when I was visiting my friend."
image copyrightBilly Barnett
image captionBilly Barnett: "I took this of the window cleaner as he reached our apartment in Beijing."
image copyrightPhil Mills
image captionPhil Mills: "The glass front of this high-rise building in Sao Paulo provides the canvas for this stormy sunset picture."
image copyrightJianna Denny
image captionAnd, finally, a picture by Jianna Denny. The next theme is "My favourite outfit" (Don't forget to tell us what you like about it) and the deadline for your entries is 4 October. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link to "We set the theme; you take the pictures" at the bottom of the page.

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