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The 'new skin' of motherhood

Phil Coomes
Picture editor

image copyrightAlamy

With the birth of a child there is always that urge to grab a camera and capture every moment.

The days may seem to go on forever as you struggle to grab a moment's peace when your newborn is asleep, but we all know each phase of development only lasts a short while.

Whilst pregnant, photographer Amelia Shepherd turned the camera on herself and of course when her son Rico was born the lens was there to record his every move.

image copyrightAmelia Shepherd

"The New Skin project developed alongside my own transformation into the 'new skin' of motherhood," says Shepherd. "As my son began to grow, move and interact in our home, I began to notice his little interventions within my domestic environment so I began to document these on medium format film. It was my way of recording and remembering these little stages."

image copyrightAmelia Shepherd
image copyrightAmelia Shepherd

Shepherd found that it was a way to document her new identity as a mother and finding the balance between that role and her work as an artist.

And that there were many funny moments as she chased her son across the floor with her camera while avoiding discarded toys.

"I think I now have the patience of a wildlife photographer and the reactions of the worlds best sports photographers," she says.

New Skin is part of the Brighton Photo Fringe and is on show at the Regency Town House throughout the month of October. Opening times are Thursday - Sunday 12-6.30pm. Exhibition preview on Friday 7 October 6-8.30pm.

image copyrightAmelia Shepherd
image copyrightAmelia Shepherd
image copyrightAmelia Shepherd
image copyrightAmelia Shepherd
image copyrightAmelia Shepherd

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