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Your pictures: Bricks

20 October 2016
image copyrightJohn Ealing
image captionJohn Ealing: "The stone bricks of Rooley Moor Road that runs between Rossendale and Rochdale in Lancashire. Although almost certainly an ancient route, it was paved during the cotton famine to provide a route to a better place and its stone setts remain despite the wind farms. The stone pillars mark the entrance to the long closed Old Moorcock Inn."
image copyrightNigel Jackson
image captionNigel Jackson: "A brick wall brought to life with street art, Brick Lane area, London."
image copyrightDavid Marsh
image captionDavid Marsh: "A brickyard high in the Nepalese Himalaya."
image copyrightPete Evans
image captionPete Evans: "I visited the unused Standedge Tunnels in the Peak District - mostly built from brick and standing the test of time, a testament to Victorian engineering."
image copyrightTony Kinghorn
image captionTony Kinghorn: "Autumn leaf on the bricks, Boston, USA."
image copyrightSteve Lawson
image captionSteve Lawson: "Brickwork inside the dome of the Vatican."
image copyrightBen Sura
image captionBen Sura: "Dinosaur structure made of Lego bricks."
image copyrightLee Blake
image captionLee Blake: "Found this destructive little kid playing in a brick wall in Tharamgabadi, India."
image copyrightMichael Lynch
image captionMichael Lynch: "Bricks, featuring some sophisticated graffiti."
image copyrightJenny Downing
image captionJenny Downing: "Graffiti with a difference; whereas it's usually the painting on top of the bricks that we notice, here the bricks stand out within a cut-out person-shaped space. The artist has cleverly incorporated a concrete lintel to form a belt."
image copyrightAlison Wellby
image captionAlison Wellby: "An engine on the Launceston Steam Railway, Cornwall, rattles along the line with its passengers, passing under bridges of brick and stone in a cloud of steam and with a blast of the whistle."
image copyrightPatrick Frost
image captionPatrick Frost: "A shot taken of the inside of a boundary wall to a public garden on Blackpool promenade."
image copyrightJack Appleton
image captionJack Appleton: "An ornate and detailed chimney stack showing a lovely weather-beaten look in colour and texture."
image copyrightAntonio Castillo
image captionAntonio Castillo: "Originally I was planning on taking a long exposure showing people moving along Angels Landing, a trail at Zion National Park in Utah. When I finally found my ideal location and was set to take the picture, the gentleman in the picture simply stopped in the middle of the trail and observed the view."
image copyrightBrook Holladay
image captionAnd, finally, a picture by Brook Holladay who said: "Some helpful advice on a wall in a Dublin pub." The next theme is "Shadows" and the deadline for your entries is 25 October. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link to "We set the theme; you take the pictures" at the bottom of the page.

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