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Your pictures: Found

image copyrightAmelia Cox
image captionAmelia Cox: "After a few minutes of stillness at the Everglades, looking around to find one of the alligators lurking in the murky waters, this alligator popped his head above the water and swam directly towards our boat."
image copyrightCarla St Gelais
image captionCarla St Gelais: "My husband and I found the exact spot he had hiked alone 20 years earlier. We came to Banff, Alberta, Canada on our 20th anniversary so he could show me this place."
image copyrightEric Harder
image captionEric Harder: "An image taken right after last year's winter. The first blossom I'd seen since fall, just peeking out between the leaves."
image copyrightKristian Pikner
image captionKristian Pikner: "Old excavator - a forest find in Estonia."
image copyrightRob Taylor
image captionRob Taylor: "Found someone's collection of shells on a rocky outcrop near the beach in Collaroy, NSW, under a sign saying 'No shells to be removed from the beach'."
image copyrightChristian Tablazon
image captionChristian Tablazon: "Image of a boy taking his first Communion in the San Sebastian Church in Tarlac, circa 1980s (from a strip of cellulose acetate negative found in the stockroom of our house among other items abandoned by previous occupants)."
image copyrightAndrew Baxter
image captionAndrew Baxter: "I found this owl after missing him the day before. I checked for him in his perch in the morning, but he eluded me. Thankfully in the afternoon sunshine, he returned. He sat perched in a hole in a tree merely feet away from passers-by. I was amazed by how few people noticed him basking in the sun on this chilly afternoon in Atlanta."
image copyrightStephanie DiGregorio
image captionAnd finally an image by Stephanie DiGregorio. The next theme is "Decorations", and the deadline for your entries is 20 December. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link to "We set the theme; you take the pictures," at the bottom of the page.

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