Your pictures: My own bed

image copyrightNigel Rose
image captionNigel Rose: "This was taken in 2006 when I trekked up the Baltoro glacier in northern Pakistan. The picture is of K2, taken through the tent door, from my sleeping bag as we camped at Concordia (the head of the glacier)."
image copyrightJustin McAteer
image captionJustin McAteer: "My wife's horror as the alarm goes off."
image copyrightDaniel Furon
image captionDaniel Furon took this under the roofs of Paris in 1968.
image copyrightAnna Grayson
image captionAnna Grayson: "This is a scene I had been thinking of shooting anyway, in honour of Tracey Emin. The aftermath of the Christmas hols seems to have given my bed the right feel. I bumped into Tracey Emin a few years ago, and she kindly agreed to let me photograph her (it is in the frame on the right above the bed). She was very encouraging about the importance of doing art, and not long after that I chucked in work and went to art college. One of the things I enjoy doing is recreating famous works of art as photographs. So this is an homage and thank you to Tracey."
image copyrightPratik Modi
image captionPratik Modi: "I took this picture of my girlfriend in my dorm room when she was visiting at the end of the semester. I had to run to the lab to wind up everything before leaving so I woke up early to get ready. I found her awake and looking like this when I came back into the room and couldn't resist taking a picture."
image copyrightDominika Kubickova
image captionDominika Kubickova: "This is the picture which shows that my (or our) own bed is no more my own bed, since I have these three boys. When I woke up and almost had not any place for myself."
image copyrightGemma Hawkins
image captionGemma Hawkins: "One of my twin boys, Douglas, at six months old. He had kept me awake all night and at the point where I finally had to get up decided to make my bed his own."
image copyrightKim McEvilly
image captionKim McEvilly: "Reflecting on what needs to be done today."
image copyrightMatthew Jeanes
image captionMatthew Jeanes: "One of many beggars in Phnom Penh taking a rest during the midday heat."
image copyrightJason Bridges
image captionJason Bridges: "Caught my children's hamster, Cookie, waking up ready for a night of running and climbing. She looked so cosy in the little bed she made for herself."
image copyrightTanus Zada
image captionAnd finally an image by Tanus Zada. The next theme is "Recycled", and the deadline for your entries is 10 January. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link to "We set the theme; you take the pictures," at the bottom of the page.

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