Your pictures: Recycled

image copyrightRachel Hinxman
image captionRachel Hinxman: "This is a toy camera made from recycled cans that my son bought in Varadero, Cuba. It has a mechanism to release the smiling face and surprise you when you are asked to say cheese."
image copyrightSummer Boyd
image captionSummer Boyd: "My dog enjoying an evening on his beanbag (which used to be mine), which is made from an old pair of curtains."
image copyrightLorraine Bennett
image captionLorraine Bennett: "These are recycled cages from bottles of fizz, made into table place settings. Just write the name of your guest on small cards and insert in between the spirals."
image copyrightMike Finn
image captionMike Finn: "A metal sculpture seen in the town of Almodovar made from all sorts of odds and ends of tools and metal."
image copyrightAlli Richards
image captionAlli Richards: "A little boat recycled into a work of art."
image copyrightStuart Scott
image captionStuart Scott: "The iconic 3M building [in Bracknell, Berkshire], was systematically ‘recycled’ floor by floor. I’m sure many will be glad to see the back of it, but for others it's the end of an era. Looking forward to the new town centre."
image copyrightBarbara Pleskach
image captionBarbara Pleskach: "King Poseidon rules in the woods near artist Peter Beerits’ home where he has created a forest filled with figures drawn from legend, mythology and his imagination."
image copyrightJenny Downing
image captionJenny Downing: "A rather heavy-handed approach to illegal parking; a bicycle that had been padlocked to a bus stop is sawn in two then taken away (to the 're-cycling' plant?)"
image copyrightStuart Scott
image captionStuart Scott: "Friday is 'bin day' and while walking the dog I was surprised to see so many bins outside just one of our neighbour’s houses… truth be told, only two were theirs."
image copyrightIsabela Gonzalez
image captionAnd finally Isabela Gonzalez sent in this picture of bottles lined up in Newport. The next theme is "My diet", and the deadline for your entries is 17 January. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link to "We set the theme; you take the pictures," at the bottom of the page.

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