Your pictures: Grown-up

Image source, Jane Shaw
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Jane Shaw: "On the village green in East Lavant, West Sussex. A group of local Hindu families had gathered to celebrate and were having a tug of war for fun, whilst a cricket match was in session in the background. The grown-ups were having real fun like children. Pull harder..."
Image source, Philip Willson
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Philip Willson: "The feet of my grown-up girlfriend playing in the sand in Hastings, East Sussex."
Image source, Natia Mosashvili
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Natia Mosashvili: "I have captured this image of my 17 month-old son when he, much to my amazement, is busy 'reading' a book all on his own. He says the names of the pictures he sees and points at them. It's amazing to see how in few months a child develops from a helpless baby to a crafty toddler. Becoming independent is a big part of growing up."
Image source, Boram Ma
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Boram Ma: "This was taken on the Blenheim Palace Grounds near Oxford. In the background is a very old tree, tall with a soft-spoken presence, definitely grown-up, but looking almost dead. Her leaves have fallen and her skin is wrinkled. The image of the father guiding his three children to this weathered tree makes you think about time, generations and what it means to be grown-up."
Image source, Malcolm Briggs
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Malcolm Briggs: "A Javan Gibbon at Howletts Wild Animal Park in March 2017. The adult has now reached motherhood and has youngsters of her own to nurture and care for. How long before this youngster has offspring of its own to look after?"
Image source, Manisha Malhotra
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Manisha Malhotra: "Ladies plucking the grown-up silk cocoons for further sorting at Saltoro Village near Bangalore, India."
Image source, Subba Rao
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And finally a picture by Subba Rao of butterflies and then pupa, before growing up. The next theme is "Street Food" and the deadline for your entries is 18 April. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link to "We set the theme; you take the pictures" at the bottom of the page.

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