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The year seen through the eyes of Getty photographers

How do you summarise a year with photography alone? Ken Mainardis of Getty Images has chosen a selection of the best pictures taken by his photographers and explains in his own words how they sum up 2017 to him.

A player hits a tennis forehand shot. Image copyright Al Bello/ Getty Images
Image caption In Florida, USA, Amanda Anisimova returns a shot against Taylor Townsend during the Miami Open. If you were teaching someone how to photograph a tennis forehand shot - how to light it and execute it correctly - this photograph would be in the manual. The years of specialising in sport photography allows Al Bello to capture this magnificent shot.
Leonardo DiCaprio and Emma Stone backstage. Image copyright Christopher Polk/ Getty Images
Image caption There are only three photographers allowed backstage at the Academy Awards and that type of access allows Christopher Polk to capture this very personal moment shared between Leonardo DiCaprio and Emma Stone after she won an Oscar. The behind the scenes aspect of the photo crossed with the aesthetic of a shot that could have been taken in the 1950s to make for a breathtaking picture.
A child cries as he begs for food. Image copyright Kevin Frayer/ Getty Images
Image caption In Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, a Rohingya refugee cries as he climbs on a truck distributing aid. We get so desensitised by these types of images because, sadly, we see them so often. I think it takes a picture like this by Kevin Frayer in which a child is at the centre of the frame to drive home the very real tragedy of this situation. And, as a parent, a child begging for aid or food rips your soul apart a little bit and is part of the reason why it is so important that we continue to do this kind of work.
A surfer falls into a wave Image copyright Ryan Pierse/ Getty Images
Image caption At Sydney's famous Bondi Beach, photographer Ryan Pierse captured the moment a surfer falls off his board. The composition of this image does a tremendous job of providing the viewer with a sense of the enormity of the wave while putting humanity in perspective to nature. As the surfer loses control of his board and is beginning to tumble into the wave, the photo strikes you with a sense of fear that nature has the power to control our fate at any time.
People clash at a rally in America. Image copyright Chip Somodevilla/ Getty Images
Image caption Right-wing Americans clash with counter-protestors at a rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. In a very dangerous situation, in which baseball bats are being swung and some people are wearing protective gear, Chip Somodevilla is very close to the action and putting himself in great personal danger to capture this photo.
A puck flies towards the camera. Image copyright Bruce Bennett/ Getty Images
Image caption Patric Hornqvist of the Pittsburgh Penguins scores against Cory Schneider of the New Jersey Devils in Newark, New Jersey. There are two important aspects of sports photography that Bruce Bennett has been able to master: capturing a moment of extreme importance to the outcome of the game and capturing a view that people won't see on television. Bruce placed a remote camera in the goal and captured this image at the perfect moment.
Ariana Grande wipes away a tear while on stage. Image copyright Kevin Mazur/ Getty Images
Image caption The entertainment industry can be quite fickle, but the One Love Manchester concert held after the suicide attack at Manchester Arena was a moment when the industry was portrayed at its very best. Kevin Mazur was the only photographer allowed on stage during the performance, enabling him to capture this intimate image of Ariana Grande overcome with emotion. This image would otherwise have never been seen – as you can see she has her back to every other photographer at the venue.
Three girls take a selfie. Image copyright Jes Aznar/ Getty Images
Image caption On the outskirts of Marawi, Philippines, bride Katty Malang Mikunug takes a "selfie" with friends. The city has been partly held by fighters linked to so-called Islamic State (IS) since an attack in May. Two things strike me about this photo by Jes Aznar: firstly, the way it is composed gives it the effect of a painting and secondly, the act of taking a selfie humanises people who are involved in conflicts that, at times, feel so far away.
Three people run for cover as gunfire reins down. Image copyright David Becker/ Getty Images
Image caption Initially, David Becker was assigned to cover the Route 91 Harvest country music festival. But when gunfire began reining down, he was able to quickly turn his focus and begin photographing this horrific tragedy. There is a saying in news photography: if you aren't able to take great images in a situation like this it means you aren't close enough. The strength of these images show how close David was to the shooting and the bravery it took to run towards the gunfire.
Rihanna looks down on the red carpet. Image copyright Tristan Fewings/ Getty Images
Image caption Singer Rihanna attends a screening during the Cannes Film Festival. This picture was probably shot by hundreds of photographers, but the way Tristan Fewings has used light in a red carpet situation is incredibly unusual, making for a beautiful frame.

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