Your pictures: Dry

image copyrightNicholas Collins
image captionNicholas Collins captured a painter waiting for his handiwork to dry
image copyrightRobby Bernstein
image captionRobby Bernstein: "In a big downpour in Greenwich Village, New York City, this man kept dry under his umbrella. I got soaked, as did my camera but it was worth it."
image copyrightDamian Walker
image captionDamian Walker: "This Kuwaiti businessman was growing a golf course in his country. He was also sourcing trees for public streets that could cope with the dry climate."
image copyrightDavid Cooper
image captionDavid Cooper: "A competitor in one of last summer's Nottingham Autograss fixtures at Oxton Raceway when it was particularly dry, producing a large amount of dust."
image copyrightAlfred Creissen
image captionAlfred Creissen: "Training at the camel races in Doha, Qatar, on a windy, dry day. The riders and camels still went out."
image copyrightHossein Fardinfard
image captionHossein Fardinfard photographed the silhouette of two people making their way through the Egyptian desert.
image copyrightJason Shrubb
image captionJason Shrubb: "I captured my neighbour Ivor and his garden artwork on a glorious day a couple of years back. Ivor recently passed away and reviewing the pictures was a pleasant reminder of the vibrancy of the artwork. The finishing touches soon dried in the summer sunshine."
image copyrightHelen Taylor
image captionHelen Taylor: "An indigenous Moken man in the remote Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar, selling dried fish."
image copyrightCarlos Grasso
image captionCarlos Grasso: "The harsh weather conditions, the dust storms and the hyper dry soil make the Burning Man festival experience very challenging for many, but I still love it. Or in other words, the one place your body hates, but you still want desperately to go back each year."
image copyrightFaye Haffey
image captionFaye Haffey: "I am a novice to photography and took this photo of an Abutilon pictum (commonly known as Redvein Chinese Lantern) in the Royal Botanic Gardens of Melbourne whilst experimenting with my camera's macro setting. I was struck by how the petals of the flower reminded me of elderly hands, wizened by age."
image copyrightStella Spencer
image captionAnd finally, an image by Stella Spencer of a dog clambering over a dry stone wall. The next theme is "my home town", and the deadline for your entries is 10 April. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link to "We set the theme, you take the pictures," at the bottom of the page.

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