Your pictures: Golden

image copyrightJasmine Montgomery
image captionJasmine Montgomery: "It was dawn in the Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya. I had my sleeping four-year-old bundled in blankets in the back of the car. I am a single mother so the poor child gets dragged off on many adventures. I watched this regal male lion asleep on the ochre earth as the sun came up. The lion woke up and faced the sun like he was warming himself on it. Golden light flooded the shot. My son slept through the whole thing."
image copyrightVinod Thomas
image captionVinod Thomas: "On a visit to the Philippines two weeks ago, I had the chance to see the famous Aliwan Fiesta, an annual event on the streets of Pasay City, Metro Manila. The talent, intensity and glamour displayed at the parades are truly remarkable."
image copyrightChris Potts
image captionChris Potts: "Two pieces from the Gold Museum in Bogota, Colombia. These pieces were part of an exhibit explaining how gold was used in ceremonies and rituals. These tunjos (gold offerings, usually figurines depicting various aspects of life) were thrown into the Laguna de Guatavita, a sacred lake."
image copyrightWendy Wilderspin
image captionWendy Wilderspin: "These golden yolks were used in the making of my first attempt at egg yolk ravioli."
image copyrightCLAIRE GOODBODY
image captionClaire Goodbody: "Golden light trails captured in Venice, Italy. My camera was placed on a beanbag on the luggage rack of a vaporetto (water bus) so that I could take long exposures of the lights beside the canals."
image copyrightPhil Couvrette
image captionPhil Couvrette: "It's hard not to stand in awe at the foot of the 46m (150ft) reclining golden Buddha at Wat Pho in central Bangkok, where it has a pavilion all to itself. "
image copyrightHannah Moore
image captionHannah Moore: "My daughter and I were getting ready to shower when we decided to take this picture. It will always remind me not of how our hair looked, but of a golden age when I was as much her world as she will always be mine."
image copyrightDOUGLAS TAYLOR
image captionDouglas Taylor: "Aachen Cathedral, Germany, has real golden treasure within its walls. The Sunburst Madonna is suspended from the choir vault above the spectacular Shrine of the Virgin Mary, a gilded reliquary dating from the early 1200s. More modern stained glass panels provide the background."
image copyrightKezzia Dent
image captionKezzia Dent: "Looking back through my photos I came across last year's batch of ducklings, hatched at my family home in Pershore, Worcestershire. I was mesmerised by the halo of golden fur around each tiny duckling."
image copyrightElizabeth Pizer
image captionElizabeth Pizer: "Highlighted by the late afternoon sun of a midsummer's day are these graceful stems of wild meadow grass, bowing gently under the weight of their seed heads."
image copyrightVinit Bhinde
image captionVinit Bhinde: "The golden light of the sunrise in the forest is always good to the eye. We saw these deer grazing at the Nagzira wildlife sanctuary, India."
image copyrightElaine Miller
image captionAnd finally an image by Elaine Miller. The next theme is "textiles", and the deadline for your entries is 29 May. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link to "We set the theme, you take the pictures," at the bottom of the page.

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