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Photo contest celebrates creativity in the construction industry

The Art of Building photography contest has announced the top 12 shots that have made it through to their final.

The competition, run by the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB), celebrates creativity in the construction industry, with a cash prize of £3,500 for the winner.

The finalists beat thousands of other entrants and now face a public vote to find the winning shot.

Here are the 12 photos in the final.

Sunset above the skyscraper, taken in St Petersburg, Russia, by Mikhail Proskalov

A skyscraper and two cranes poking above clouds Image copyright Mikhail Proskalov
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21 inches, taken in Bijar, Iran, by Jamshid Farajvand

A man reading in his home next to a wall embedded with televisions Image copyright Jamshid Farajvand
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Hope Hole, taken in Qom, Iran, by Rasol Bayati

An ornate domed ceiling Image copyright Rasol Bayati
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Christmas in Fish Skeleton, taken in New York, USA, by Yi Cherne Juang

A large arched ceiling in a shopping centre Image copyright Yi Cherne Juang
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Casa Confetti, taken in Utrecht, Netherlands, by Hans Wichmann

A building with a green exterior wall Image copyright Hans Wichmann
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Urban Mountain, taken in Baku, Azerbaijan, by Hamed Younesi

A black and white photo of a curved building Image copyright Hamed Younesi
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Avala, taken in Serbia, by David Meredith

A concrete tower building in the shape of a tripod Image copyright David Meredith
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Spiral, taken in Edinburgh, Scotland, by Shahbaz Majeed

A view looking upward at a spiral staircase Image copyright Shahbaz Majeed
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Working Overtime, taken in Manitoba, Canada, by Beverly Jay

Workers working on scaffolding during sunset Image copyright Beverly Jay
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White Women, taken in Medina, Saudi Arabia, by Hossein Farahani

A long exposure photo of women walking down a corridor Image copyright Hossein Farahani
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Roof Resident, taken in Nuremberg, Germany, by Ana Tchankvetadze

A slated roof with two windows looking like eyes Image copyright Ana Tchankvetadze
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Swans, taken in Naples, Italy, by Roberto Conte

An ornate staircase of white stone and marble Image copyright Roberto Conte

The competition public vote can be found at the Art of Building website.

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